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When I was 13 i starved myself for a few weeks and never recovered from this pleez someone help me

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  • Posted By: Kevin17
  • July 1, 2015
  • 05:47 AM

Okay.so when I was 13 i starved myself for a few weeks due to depression. Since then I have been experiencing unimaginable symptoms. I have been unable to gain weight or grow. I also have not felt hunger since. My symptoms then were horrible nausea and headaches 24/7, sleeping horribly,horrible bad breath and dry tongue and more undescribale symptoms. Okay so when I was 14 1/2 I moved to California with my dad so I could smoke weed and be happy again. At this time I was still unaware of my health because I had been disassociating a lot. So i managed to smoke weed everyvday. I started to notice even while getting high I wasunable to feel hunger. But I was temporarily happy so I didn't care about it. 3 months passed by when my mind started feeling slower by the day and I street feeling more pain due to smoking. It got worse and worse but I didn't care because I didn't want the only thing that made me happy to go away but it took me a while to notice that this feeling was me losing braincells. There was a point where I had to stop smoking or I would have been fully braindead. I stopped on 1/1/2013. It took me months to even realize what I had done 2 myself. I was only 15. Only thing even remotely helped at that time was some vitamin b-12 injections my mom gave me. This is when I had to either worry about my health because at this point my only options were recover or suicide. So it wasn't long before I realized no matter that how healthy I ate I was not recovering. Food was never the problem to my health. Ik it's hard to understand. So I dint know what to do so I tried suicide and failed and was sent to mental health place for three months . At this place my therapist believed everything I had been through.but all She she could do was give me advice to seek medical help after I left the facility. So I did , and had a doctor that never even showed that she even cared for my health, and said I was fine. Little did she know she had my life in her her hands everytime I went to her. I have been wanting an endoscopy ever since .if only I got this procedure ik I would win this battle and finally receive help because there is something definitely wrong with my metabolism. A while after I went to a herbalarge products lady and found that I had many parasites leeching on my intestines and in my brain for years.I took care of that, but I found a severe fungal infection on my throat and stomach which I have been unable to treat. This is also the onlt hope I have to have an endoscopy soon. I But I am 17 1/2 now I look like a man with the body of a small 13 year old. Puberty has been a total disaster for me and I am still suffering from unexplainable brain damage symptoms and I feel like killing myself every single day but I believe in god so I have to keep going. I just don't understand what has been to my metabolism since I was 13 because I am so young and this shouldn't be happening to me. Anyone have any ideas of what I should do??? I want to kill myself but I don't want to die or keep living like this. Im screaming out for help. Im also just thankful I have a great mom that has been trying her best to help me. So it doesn't make sense how food is not a problem to Mr because I always eat healthy now and I don't recover or feel any different ever. Sorry I really had to let it all out and see if anyone out there believes me and/or has any advice for me ....

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