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Skin sensitivity/rash whenever anything (clothing, seat belts, jewelry, etc.) touches my chest after

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 8, 2016
  • 10:40 PM

I wasn't quite sure how to word that title, sorry about that. Anyway, the rundown is that 4-5 years ago I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst on my left side and was prescribed hormonal birth control to regulate my crazy side effects and to shrink the cyst. They wanted to see if they could fix it naturally. I started on ortho-tricyclene, that didn't work after 3 mos, so they put me on ortho-novum and if memory serves me correctly I was on that for nearly a year, it did barely anything for my cyst so they bumped me up to the depo-provera shot (I don't remember the exact solution I was on). That lasted a year before I missed a dose and couldn't get back to my doctor. During this period I found it increasingly difficult to wear my favorite clothing, primarily t-shirts, starting with the newest ones I bought and finally ending with me having maybe 3-4 shirts tops to wear, all ones that I had owned for years prior. Finally it got to the point where I was basically living in tank tops with button up shirts over top (unbuttoned mostly) to cover my shoulders. I should also note that I have been diagnosed with Costochondritis (swelling of the chest plate). I couldn't afford any of the medications to treat it so I'm dealing with that as well currently. As far as I know my chest sensitivity and my swelling were caused by two separate issues (maybe there's a connection I've missed?) I've asked multiple doctors what it could be and the conversation goes something similar to this: They ask me "Have you tried A?" and I go "Yes, I've tried A." "What about B? Or perhaps C?" "I have tried A,B,C, and a combo of all of them. It still hasn't fixed it." And at this point I get some variation of I don't know and the issue is dropped. I don't have medical insurance as I am deemed unfit for Medicaid because I'm able-bodied (from the outside because I'm 19 and fit as a fiddle for the most part) and my family is poor. I need help though, anything. I can't even touch my own chest some days it's so sensitive. I can't find a job with suitable uniforms as I live in a relatively small town. I feel like I need to mention this as I forgot to earlier but I've also been diagnosed with depression and social anxiety. Any and all ideas or tips would be appreciated. I can also answer any questions for clarification.

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