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Skin Cancer Signs and Symptoms on Arms

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Skin cancer primarily develops on areas that are exposed to the sun, including the scalp, lips, face, neck, ears, chest, arms, hands and legs in men and women.
Skin Cancer Signs and Symptoms on arms initially starts as a smooth, small, pale, shiny or waxy lump on the arms or it can even look like a firm red lump. Skin cancers are of various type e.g. melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Skin Cancer Signs and Symptoms often begin with changes in colour and tune of the arms skin. Then there can be new growths or precancerous lesions. It can affect people of any skin tone, also those with darker skin complexions.
WHO data shows an increased rate of skin cancers, both non-melanoma and melanoma. There are 3 million non-melanoma skin cancers patients. Melanoma skin cancer affects 132,000 persons each year, worldwide. Skin Cancer Foundation Statistics reveals that one in every five person in United States is at risk of developing skin cancer.
As ozone levels are depleted, the atmosphere loses more and more of its protective filter function and more solar UV radiation reaches the Earth's surface. It is estimated that a 10 per cent decrease in ozone levels will result in an additional 300,000 non-melanoma and 4,500 melanoma skin cancer cases. The global incidence of melanoma continues to increase – however, the main factors that predispose to the development of melanoma seem to be connected with recreational exposure to the sun and a history of sunburn. These factors lie within each individual's own responsibility.

Signs and Symptoms Variations

Any type of skin cancer may appear as a sore or spot that does not heal. There is most often a slow growing bump on the skin that might stat bleeding after a minor trauma. Signs and Symptoms of Skin cancers can look like:

• A sore or spot that does not heal within four weeks.
• A sore or spot that hurts, itches and is crusty or scabbed and bleeds for more than four weeks.
• A large brownish spot with darker speckles.
• An unusual area of broken skin (an ulcer) that does not heal within four weeks.
• An open sore that oozes, bleeds or crusts for several weeks.
• An elevated growth of skin with rough surface and a central depression.
• Change in sensation of the spot or sore, such as tenderness, itchiness or pain.
• Dark lesions appearing on your palms,

An ulcer is an area on the skin that is breaking down and begins to get deeper with time, it is also known as erosion. Basal cell skin cancers look like a small or tiny, slow growing, pink shiny or red lump on the arms or can even look like red scalp patches. If left without treatment, they can become crusty and bleed or even develop into an ulcer.
The most common warning sign of melanoma cancer is a new sore or spot on the skin that is continuously changing in its size, shape and colour and looks different from all the other spots on the body.
Squamous cell skin cancers usually look like pink lumps. They have scaly or hard skin on the surface. They are mostly tender but not always. They bleed easily and the eventually develop into an ulcer.
Actinic Keratosis, appears as rough, brown or red scaly patches on the arms and is known as precancerous conditions because sometimes it develops into squamous cell cancer.
One can usually see the symptoms of skin cancer quite easily on areas that are exposed to the sun such as arms. This will help you spot skin cancers early if you know how your skin looks normally. This way, you will be able to observe any changes. This may be very important if you sun bathe a lot or if you regularly work outside without wearing a shirt.
Less Common Skin Cancer Signs and Symptoms on Arms
• Kaposi sarcoma develops in the blood vessels and causes purple or red patches on the arms skin.
• Sebaceous gland carcinoma is an uncommon and aggressive cancer originating in the oil glands of the skin. They appear as hard and painless nodules on the arms.
Skin Cancer is number 1 in the 10 Most Common Types of Cancers in United States. Only regular examination of the skin is the key to for early detection. Keep an eye on for any minor or new unusual growths, changes in the shape, size or colour of an existing spot on your arms or hands. In case you notice something unusual, be sure to get it check by your doctor.
It might be hard to tell the difference between a skin cancer (melanoma) and mole on the arm, even for the doctor. If your doctor suspects that you are suffering from skin cancer, you will undergo further tests to determine the extent of your cancer. Stage 1 cancers are mainly limited to the area they appear or begin, while stage 4 cancers indicate an advanced stage that has spread. You treatment is likely based on the stage of cancer you have.

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