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Mouth/ lips/ throat/nose/teeth/ hands/feet Bug infestation all look different.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 10, 2017
  • 05:29 AM

So it's not just me!Thank God.you will see attached video/pics of what the Dr's won't even look at. It has just about distoryed my marriage as for the 2 years we've been married he's had countless Dd's telling him I'm crazy. What I don't get is they won't examine me, look at proof, and some I can't get past the nurse before telling me I need to see Psyc (as she was itching herself as I describe issue.) It started in feet as pain shot thru me I literally had black bottom feet from them coming out. ER I thought(never realized people wouldn't believe me as never had mental issues) I told the nurse and was so relived when they called me into back. Until I was being asked to part with my purse and the door didn't open without a buzzer. I was on psyc ER. I had video, pics and samples and it didn't matter. They did not want to see it- literally. Thank God husband got our attorney involved and was realeased-AMA with infectious disease referral. Here in South Alabama I thought maybe my being a yankee I was faster speech was misunderstood and actually flew home for testing. Like every other one all negitive for parasites in stools blood etc. I found a Gastro guy who specializes in worms. Despite my neg results and symptoms not in that area, saw him. We spent $12,000 on Albenza treatment. And to tell my husband they still were here- not easy. I would see these yellow jacket like bug literally hatching in my stool and when I took it there I was told see a shrink. Never looked.
This is my 2nd year of this but no lover do I see those, I'm only going once every 4-5 days unless I beg Doc for invermison. Skin is pale, hair won't grow. I have these white little nit-like bugs in my mouth I can feel and see. Orange/brown Mite looking that come out of my lips. My nose was clogged so bad I finally took a toothpick and out poured these black/grey bugs. See video. On the 18th I'm going to have every tooth pulled I have left and I'm doing Implants. My top teeth are is plate which I see these clear bugs on- lines down back in the right light. There are such horrific deep holes that should be killing me, I see a black bunch of eyes in these holes. Yes maginfing glass and may be a blob of them- something defintaly that won't be dug out and will move into the next tooth if I get close. I now am only left with less the 1/8" bone in upper jaw n need to do screws for Implants into eye bones. Why did my teeth go so bad only in back, and bone go so quick? Every root canal I've done, tooth ended up out. I've also had a white worm or antena cone from my foot and I could not move it - rooted so deep but to what? Top of my foot very little after skin and bone. How crazy this sounds!? I know. I see it hear myself reading it back. But look - see pics/video. They after I got them from nose went into my eyes. I wear contacts and used to wear only contacts. I bought my first glasses since I was in grade school because, after confirming with eye exam wasn't script or issues with eye themselves, even in glasses- the way my vision is like looking thru contacts that are old or dirty. Like fingerprints all over my glasses. Again eye Doc thinks same as others- lost my mind. And my last most dabiliating- if I'm upright, walking or woth my legs down you can see the bugs under my skin. Big. Not like mouth nose eye which every one visible with naked eye or zoom on eye phone. But these are extremely painful as they move up and down back/forth. Screaming pain. Enough that I went to ER again- darn well knowing what my answer would be. And the only reason I didn't end up on psyc I had my service dog I now need to assist when I can't walk - from this affecting me so badly. I knew i would be held without him. Honestly, I almost am ready to have them keep me until they sit and keep an open mind. My mental focus is last thing I need to mention. So forgetful, focus never was my strong suit but I almost am in a semi-blackout as I go project to project and forget I was on something else. It is always the week of my period. Using NEEM oil I buy in the garden dept of Wal**rt. It's used to kill mites on roses. And a combo of bath salt, mixed with citric acid, NEEM oil tea tree oil and Invermison once last week prepping in my own way for surgery, via different urgent care for worms. -Wink wink. Feeling so sick. Painfully sick, these things crawling on ur tongue pulling these bugs off my lips, and CANT GET AN ANSWER FROM ANYONE. I have my house professionally exterminated for flea/ticks monthly (they too believe I need shrink) cause they never find fleas- Still incestigsteing my samples. I bleach- germacidle bleach, steam mop wear those rubber gloves to do/ touch everything in fear. That combo hurts like Pinprick,but one less. PLEASE HELP If you have answers. I'm scared it'll kill me and when I have an autopsy my family (only hubby believes)will finally realize I'm not crazy or I end up in a locked ward.

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