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Swollen veins fasculations Unknown health condition trying to put my mind at ease.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 27, 2019
  • 03:59 PM

Just a little background. I’m a 27 year old male. Very healthy 6 ft 2 weigh about 175 lbs. don’t smoke. Drink socially. I train martial arts and lift weights regularly.

About 8 months ago I felt like I was getting a virus - swollen glands, fatigue joint pain, etc. except I never fully got sick. No congestion, cough anything like that. Instead I had tender lymph nodes which would occasionally throughout the day be painful almost like a burning or shocking sensation, I noticed all the veins on my body seems to be a little more prominent and blue, I was tired all the time, had gas in my stomach like I could burp for 30 seconds straight but no stomach pain. Fasculations all over my arms and legs and shoulders all day in different locations. This lasted for 2 months while I was tested up down left and right with nothing showing in my blood work. No stds no signs of inflammation and blood cell counts completely normal. Bilirubin was the only thing slightly elevated which my doctor wasn’t concerned about. I had a CT scan which was normal and they did an ultra sound of my legs which showed severe venous insufficiency. Eventually after going to several doctors who didn’t know what to do with me and one which made feel like im a little crazy, I completely gave up and decided this was my new existence. A couple weeks later my symptoms seemed to have subsided.

6 months pass and I tell myself I must have just gotten hit with some strange viruses or something and I was super happy that was all over with and back again are these strange symptoms. This time with less intensity. The burning glands only lasted a few days but the fatigued and fasculations were back and have been for 2 months along with the gastrointestinal distress. I’ve also developed several floaters in my right eye and again feel as though my veins are protruding more than normal (see attached photo). Yes that was after a quick workout but it feels excessive to me and was never that intense before. I have these strange sensations almost feels like trickling in my leg veins they come and go. Sometime in the same spot for a day or a few hours. I also have what I would describe as a numbness or pulling sensation around my right eye/ temple area. This has been consistently there for over a month only ever now and then do I feel like I don’t notice it or it goes away. Anyway I went back to the doctor who ran some additional tests and the only thing that was off again was high bilirubin and this time slight low c4 complement like one point below the reference range. They referred me to a vascular doc for the venous insufficiency and a rheumatologist for the low c4 complement. I’m waiting for those appointments but they are over two months away.

Any advice? Could all this be in my head?

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