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Why can't I get a diagnosis for constant nausea/digestive issues and autoimmune disease?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 10, 2017
  • 04:40 AM

Currently, I have been bed-ridden for about 2 months, unable to stomach food, unable to stand up or walk around without throwing up/having blackouts/falling over/or getting dizzy and nauseous. I recently went into the ER due to how intense these symptoms have become, and the fact that i'm dropping about 2-4lbs every other day. (Results were: Glucose is high after fasting for 24 hours/fatty liver/ glabladder constructed around small gallstones/possible vision problems(?) They sent me home with a few Zofran (does not seem to work) and Prochlorperazine (which I refused to take after reading literal HORROR stories about people's experience with the drug). To say i'm doing better after the ER visit would be an outright lie.

These symptoms started seven years ago. I originally thought the cause of the problem was some bad beef, but the nausea/dizziness/and eventual diarrhea returned much later. At some point during October of 2012 the nausea and other symptoms became a 24/7 issue. Constant, never ending nausea. The most notable and disruptive problems, though, are the sudden and intense attacks of nausea (that can end in throwing up or blacking out for a moment.)

> The sudden nausea 'attacks':

Starts almost like a panic attack. I feel overheated suddenly, my cheeks flush, I get dizzy and disoriented, faint, and then the nausea swells up with that 'stomach-dropping-out-of-your-body' feeling. After a few minutes, I start shivering and shaking while still feeling hot/flushed cheeks. While this happens, my temperature always drops down from my usual 98.5-98.7 to 95-97.

These often happen during/after using the bathroom (#2), and more often when the stool is looser and requires less strain.

These 'attacks' initially last between 30 minutes to an hour, but the nausea and shaking and exhaustion tend to last 2-7 hours more. These usually start somewhere in the evening and taper off several times before coming back in waves for the next few hours. I typically spend the entire night awake, feeling too sick and anxious to sleep when this happens.

These 'attacks' used to happen every month or so, but now are happening day to day, leaving me exhausted and weak.

The autoimmune disease is a whole other problem. Or, maybe it's the same problem. I don't know, because for some reason none of my doctor's or specialists have no idea which one it is. The reason they're sure I even have an autoimmune disease is due to certain abscesses opening up on my torso for seemingly no reason at all. (Not heat/pressure/cleanliness/etc related) And they did realize that they responded (albeit slowly) to topical steroid creams, which was a dead hit for an autoimmune disease. The problem is, the few tests that they have run have come back negative (not Lupus) , and no one seems interested in running any more. The only option I was given was to go to a dermatologist, pay out of pocket for the visit/etc, and hope they can figure it out. Namely, no option at all. (No way can I afford that.)

To sum it up: There's a mess of problems happening at once, including 2 years of constant nose bleeding, nausea/vomiting/insane digestion, headaches, vertigo, blurry vision, dehydration, high glucose where there should be none, small gallstones, fatty liver, PCOS, hormonal issues due to PCOS, pain everywhere in the torso and chest, breathing problems, insomnia, wounds that won't heal, etc etc etc.

At this point, I have no idea what's connected and what isn't. I'm stuck in a bed all day and night. I can't eat, or sleep, or work, or shower, or do anything I love to do. I'm at the end of my rope. So, any ideas or advice is welcome. I'll do pretty much anything I can at this point, which isn't much, considering, but I'll try.
(Just don't make me eat eggs.)

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