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I was bitten five times a day approx for several months on feet. Observed worm bore into skin.

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  • January 31, 2018
  • 00:07 AM

I believe I have been bitten by hookworms and Onchocerciasis in my own home. I watched one very small abbreviated worm bore a hole into my foot (I caught it midway) when I was painfully bitten and turned up the callous pad of my foot to see it halfway entered into the foot. I tried to get it out with tweezers, but could only take off a small portion. Anyhow, I had received many bites and this biting type critter got into my car and would bite me there. I sprayed non-toxic things like citronella mixed with dawn, chlorine dioxide, Windex, others, but was not successful in keeping gone for long, and it recurred. Dermatologists ignore what I tell them/won't address the issue. Was told to go to a university hospital for a diagnosis, etc. I am getting nervous about the symptoms: pain in lungs constant clear strands of phlegm/mucus, worms in stool, pains in legs, breasts, back, arms, twitching in eyes, granulomata coming from eyes, face and other areas, such as legs, abdomen. Also nodules have formed in abdomen. I used stromectol and got better. Doctors are saying it's dangerous to CNS. My legs twitch/vibrate day and night for three days now. I woke up almost unable to breathe night after night and believe it is due to migrans larvae moving up the trachea to the epiglottis in order to move into the intestinal tract. Have been treated mildly with Alinia. Need help from Infectious Disease/Tropical Disease specialist. Made appt with Primary Care Doctor at USC who is supposed to refer me to Infectious Disease Department. I read horror stories about people being mistaken for having parasitosis and not treated for bites, etc. I need "Dr. Superman" for this condition, since, as I read, very few doctors have training re parasites -- In other words, I need a doctor who really knows this kind of thing inside and out. Attached are photos of worms. Usually I find five at least a day in the stool. The lesions/bites sometimes spontaneously bleed. They have a strong narrow band of hard scabbing and they remain for months unless I take Ivermectin. The places where I got bitten often turn bluish gray over the bite site. I get very, very strong "bites" in legs, feet, back breast. I feel pain in lungs like a perforation of some kind is occurring in the lungs, for lack of better explanation of the pain. The pain in the body often feels like a hypodermic needle inserted into the area of pain, with a sort of "flick" at the end of the pain, like a "bite." My eyes are full of scratchy material all the time and the tear ducts are filling up with it. Always swollen unless I diligently treat with Tea Tree Oil, colloidal silver and castor oil, also sulfacedamide drops. My vision is becoming damaged, especially for driving at night because of this. I have a weird problem with skin drying an peeling and bleeding in ear canals. Seems like a sort of scab of skin on the head. "Pimples" that I think have to do with the parasite in the nape area of the neck and hair. pain in the hands. Aching neck. I put peppermint oil on my neck and it gets better. I observe what appears to be blue blood vessles under the skin on the lip with a million wrinkles on the top layer of the skin, lines forming from the cheeks to the chin, which I guess have to do with the lymph gland structure, tunnels in the face which may be partially due to a skin mite called Demodex/condition known as Demodecicosis, et al. Hair falling out, granulomata spontaneously coming out of the face, somtimes for hour after hour. a possible "worm" under the skin on the left temple of the forehead. (Could be a blood vessle, but.. it is strange.) Hardened pimples that don't go away until I take Ivermectin. My thighs look like cottage cheese. My skin is breaking out in versa tinea, which I never had until about a year ago when this all started. I do have liver spots. My nails all have ridges. My belly is bloated and swollen, and the newest version of this is in the area over the liver. For about six years, I never had anything but constipation/diarrhea. No formed stools, except little "pellets." I have little bumps formed on the back of my legs and hardened "pimples" on the fanny. I never had these strange pains in my body before in my life. I do have fungus in toenails. I woke one morning feeling something kind of wet on the back of my neck. I felt around and got it in my fingers and it was a "black fly." It looks exactly like the one I saw that carries Onchocerciasis. I cannot understand why it was in my house, but I recall thinking that it felt like it had something like glycerine on it, and it was barely moving, though alive. It is not the usual housefly that we see all the time.
On my job, the men who did the security work, I believe, with enough time on their hands, were putting mites or something on chairs where I worked and I got a lot of odd stuff in the air vents of my car daily, some causing lung, ear, eye infection with fungus.

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