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  • What can cause the sensory hallucination of taste through the fingertips of my hand...?

    Anonymous 1 Replies
    Posted in: Hallucinations May 10, 2018 05:37 PM

    I've noticed recently when handling spicy food, jalapenos mostly, that the fingertips of my left hand have the same numb tingle you would normally only feel in your mouth. It's very strange and it's NOT only the numbness; it really is a taste and my mouth waters like crazy. I completely covered my...

  • Hallucinations or something else?

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Hallucinations October 20, 2017 04:44 PM

    I'm a 16 year old female , I've been diagnosed with anxiety , paranoia , depression , mood disorder and even mania episodes , for a long time I had periods where I would see things , being a firm believer in paranormal I thought they were ghosts and would throw out my stuff I thought were haunted ,...

  • Child hallucinates terrifying things when he gets sick. 6 yrs old. Started at age 2

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Hallucinations March 31, 2017 08:43 PM

    Since my child was 2 he is now 6 when he is sick he will have hallucinations. Scarey ones. Sometimes he doesn't even recognize us as his parents he sees us as some form of the hallucination and is terrified and these episodes last for several minutes. Doctor always says likly a night terror. This...