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Knee replacement-foot still numb 1 year later Help me!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 11, 2017
  • 07:09 AM

In Oct 2015 I had left medial knee replacement after failed meniscus tear surgery. I was not super comfortable with Dr. Bigelow in Lincoln, NE as he was brusce and had zero bedside manner. I should have pulled out after meniscus surgery did not solve and used a different surgeon. However as this was a work comp issue I did not want to pull out at last minute and wait another month in pain. (BAD CHOICE) Just before my surgery the mother of young man escorting my teen daughter to prom (who is in a wheelchair for life) told me she had used same doctor and surgery and is how she ended up in a wheel chair as her lower leg no longer Functioned and that she knew of another person same thing happen with same Dr. I asked the doctor about this and he was dismissive and said she had previously existing issue likely. No proof of that though. She sued and it was alleged he had kept tourniquet on too long causing nerve damage. It was settled out of court for a significant sizeable amount. I should have pulled out as she said she had sued because this had happened to another of his patients on same surgery. I went back to him about the numbness as it is a critical problem since my right leg is a mutated below the knee from same injury that caused inflammation in left inside knee and caused slow progression of arthritis from area that took the impact and tore meniscus eventually and so on. Outer knee was and still is pristine and no family history of arthritis nor knee problems. I have a numb strip from knee at incision to my foot and if I rub it wrong it feels like fire and very painful. Dr. Bigelow said it was nothing he did that could cause such severe nerve damage except a little where the incision is and suggested it came from my back. I have a low back fusion. That Dr is in same practice and did a great job but I had an MRI and everything is clean and I expected that as I have not had any serious back pain since the fusion in 2002. That sciatica pain is very distinct and I have had none. I will be seeing a nerologist soon and I am sure he will easily find slow nerve issue but I do not know where to go after that. Dr. Bigelow has been nothing but an ads hole to me and while in hospital he got mad and screamed at me and told me my knee was numb from the new nerve block gel that had been out a little over a year before and I have had two other nerve blocks that failed. I am also immune to Morphine so they have to use Demerol in recovery but even though it is on my allergy list they gave it to me anyhow and Dr Bigelow was angry they had to put me on a Demerol pump as I kept passing out from the pain and they felt that the Morphine issue was just a dosage issue not a medication issue. (I have had the maximum of Morphine and Hydromorphone 7X stronger than normal Morphine and nothing happens except me screaming in pain and passing out because I have no receptors for it as it is made from different part of the plant than Demerol so the act on different receptors. I made that very clear to him yet he did not listen and got angry I was on a pump and told me my leg was numb and if he had been close enough I would have yanked him down and gave him some of what I was feeling as he was so arrogant about it. The Nurse who was in the room was embarrassed by his behavior and apologized to me. He was like a little kid throwing a tantrum and had no clue that the gel he injected into the joint was ineffective on me for some reason and as I looked it up on my cell I saw that it said it was about 85-90 percent effective but since he had not had anyone immune to it he could not believe it did not work. (I have many medications like that as well as many allergies to medications.) I saw the rehab Dr last week who will be the one to give me my maximum medical improvement so I can go back to school or get a new job checked out where the numbness is and immediately identified the affected nerve that was cut that should not have been. I cannot Walk barefoot because the Nerapathy and pain of walking on any rough surface is beyond any tolerance. So, what can I do? I will not let this surgeon touch me again and my remaining foot is bad now too. Where do I go from here if nerologist identifies the damaged nerve that was fine before knee surgery? Thanks to all and any replies! -James- Lincoln, NE.

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