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I was in diagnosis for cushings ,my cortisol was high , now its normal?( although i still feel bad)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 28, 2014
  • 03:59 AM

iv been having a lot of health problems for the past 2 years now.it all started out from stress.i lost around 20+ lbs in a few months, cold all the time , always in a GO GO GO state, shaky , bloated constantly almost blacking out every day, hypoglycaemic symptoms, HUNGRY! and severe thirst..which then came frequent urination. I have lost my period for 2 years (although i had white tissue like substances in my urine every time i would go to the washroom.) it felt like it would block my bowls because i was constipated for 6 months, i was referred to an endocrinologist. During this time i had stopped working due to extreme fatigue and exhaustion, i would start having severe mood swings and unable to control my crying outbursts . I would literally walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes and have to lie down i was so tired and start crying as if i couldn't handle the stress .My face was all pale and gaunt but with puffiness .All my bones would crack my whole body would hurt like it was all inflamed. my muscles felt like they were being eatin , constantly weak and twitching.My blood pressure was low, my vision was always blurry and hazy i was drinking water every 10 minutes and peeing everything out.i would wake up sometimes 11 times a night to pee. Anyways my endo told me i had low everything. My FSH was barley spurting she said, my GH was low, my hypothalamus she mentioned was really sluggish everything was low. including my ADH.I got my iron tested, it was 8. my blood sugar was low.i went to the hospital during my hypoglycaemic stuff and they said its anxiety (which later on found out it wasn't)they told me something about my cell count being lower ...anyways i started to put on weight. I lost control over the severe hunger especially for salt. i gained around 25-30 lbs in 3,4 months. i had bruises and purple marks on my legs and arms .I started developing a moon face and worsening acne. i was developing a buffalo hump, facial hair ,along with constant bloat. still super hungry , still super thirsty and now EXTREMLY TIRED ALL DAY.my periods finally came back and they lasted for almost 2 months.i had my cortisol tested with the dexamethason test and it came back super high ,(7x higher then normal). My endo suggested i may have cushings.3 months later she gave me another one along with 3 other urine tests, at this time my vision was getting worse, they came back normal except for the fact that i peed out almost 3 jugs on the 24 hour urine test. she suggest i was diluting the cortisol and told me to not drink as much, she also mentioned that it could be diabetes insipidus and something about my liver being in poor function asking if i drink alcohol( i do not smoke or drink) . after that i got an mri of my pituitary (it all showed normal) . Now I'm asking does anybody haave a similar story, she said after that I'm basically "good to go" i do not feel good at all. Now i am drinking like 3 energy drinks a day just to keep me awake now . I am extremely exhausted .blurry vision. i am always hungry and gaining weight. i have nasty yellow hands (which no one really looked at ) I'm shaky , my moods are unstable , i get random crying spells (again.. really bad when stressed , i am unable to handle any type of stress anymore and i don't know why.) .and i am literally sleeping all day and up all night. no matter what time i go to bed i will wake up at 1:40 -2, I wake up dehydrated and thirsty as ***l with heat flashes . ,\, i pee all the time (especially when I'm stressed) . **Anything** i do fatigues me (eating,walking).my hands are still cold, then i get super hot. i feel like i am more sensitive now to light,smells, and hearing. iv got a constant headache and the doctors are just brushing me off now . mY Doctor has prescribed me birth control now for my long periods which are making my legs swell , super bad headaches , my boobs are massive and my emotions are even more out of control then ever. NOW MY doctor wants me on SSRI.s i fell like she's completely over looking the problem .please if any of y'all can help much appreciated .

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