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  • Remedies for cold?

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Caesarean Delivery June 13, 2016 08:35 PM

    Types of Cold Virus Cold is a composition of more than 200 different types of viruses while each virus projects unique symptoms. However, the commonest types of virus are as follows: Rhinovirus, which is the culprit in most cases (30-80% to be precise) Human coronavirus (15%...

  • How to test for estrogen deficiency?

    Anonymous 3 Replies
    Posted in: Hormone Replacement Therapy June 6, 2016 08:08 PM

    What are the primary tests to determine estrogen deficiency? Does anyone know?

  • Personal Story: Hernia with infection

    Posted in: Hernia Repair, Laparoscopic Inguinal May 10, 2016 02:32 PM

    I had sugary to remove the infection on my hernia repair. Dr. left the mash and the pain.

  • Decreasing pleasure during masturbation?

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Vaginal Delivery and VBAC April 19, 2016 02:49 PM

    Hello there! I'm 18 and I recently started masturbating (about 2 or 3 months ago) and lately I noticed that the pleasure I get from it decreased a lot. The first time I did, it hit me really hard like a total shake of my body, but then as days passed it changed to more of a powerful throbbing...

  • C-3 thru T-2 laminectomies with fusion

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Laminectomy March 30, 2016 02:31 PM

    2 days after discectomies on C-3 thru C-7 from the front. Metal rods and bolts are now where there once was bone and disc. Do not abuse your body when you're young. I should have listened to my sainted mother.

  • I had a meniscectomy in November of 2015. Now I can't bend my leg completely and the Doc says I may

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Knee Arthroscopy March 25, 2016 09:13 PM

    I may never be able to bend it again. I just received a series of gel injections over a 4 week period, but I am unsure if anything will come from it. I am 5'4" and weigh 125. So weight is not an issue. I was able to bend it completely before the surgery so it just doesn't make sense. If I try to...

  • Severed toe

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Foot & Ankle (Fracture and Dislocation Treatment) February 17, 2016 04:28 PM

    My son had an accident at school and the tip of his to was severed. The Dr. Stitched it back on, and broke 3 bones in that toe. It had bee almost 24 hours and the tip of his toe is completely white. Does that mean there isn't circulation getting through?

  • hellppppp

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Hernia Repair, Laparoscopic Incisional January 25, 2016 05:50 PM

    i had hernia surgery less than two months ago and i havent been the same since i cant get rid of a uti and yeast infection i cant have sex and i havent had a period since before the surgery i also am constipated what is wrong with me no pain not even with constapation i dont even have the urge to go

  • Hi, I'm a 27 women

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Lymph Node Disection January 12, 2016 04:24 PM

    I have been dealing with surgeries for about 5 years know. I've had several lymph nodes removed from left side of my neck an shoulder. Each surgery took anywhere from 3 hours to 6 hours. I have lost feeling in my left shoulder do to removing several huge growing nodes.I also had to have my left...

  • I have been told today ive got a old wrist fracture and my elebow is also fractured on the same arm

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Omentectomy January 4, 2016 04:47 PM

    Will they have to reset my old fracture at minute they have put a hand splint on till go to fracture clinic tomorrow