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Unknown parasites

Posted In: Scalp Symptoms Anonymous | October 6, 2014 | 11:20 PM

I have some sort of parasite that drops off of my body.i can feel when it drop of my thigh on to my legs and it comes from my eyebrow and fall on my lashes or go in my pops out of my scalp all day.but I can't c it.i always get crummy stuff in my bed fro off of my body when I am in bed.i shower often and keep everything clean so I can c new particles.i had on a tummy tightener and when I took it off I had a lot of tiny brown things in it that came out of my pores and couldn't get through the material.when I had it on I was so itchy that's what made me rush to c if something was there and it was. So I guess these r the things that shoot out of my pores and make the noice hitting the blinds and things in my home.its not just my home.this happen in other places to.but it seems like if I am somewhere new it don't start at starts after being there for a few days.i noticed it don't happen in well ventilated makes rough little spots on my hand that will peel like a bad cuticle problem the skin under my nail is overgrown and it comes up in pieces under the nail.the dr claim he have no knowledge like I am crazy but I think this is another problem the government don't want to discuss.if u have any info of a dr willing to take on this situation please respond.Thank u In Advance.

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