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Sharp,stabbing,icepick-like pain. Makes me YELL OUT LOUD in pain without warning!

Posted In: Pain Anonymous | December 6, 2019 | 07:25 PM

I'm 63. For decades now I've had this. Saw docs. Had tests, images, all without revealing anything. I've been in and out of hospitals now for over 20 years for various reasons unrelated, but I've told them about this, all to no avail. From my little toes to my shoulders. But it doesn't cross the "Torso/Head" or "Blood/Brain Barrier."
Fibromyalgia has been suspected, and unnamed ailments have been suspected. I've seen every doctor from GPs to Neurologists. None could discover the cause.
I will get a sharp-stabbing pain anywhere, most often in my feet or legs, that will cause me to yell out loud in pain! The pain lasts from 5 seconds to nearly 3/4 of a minute. They have lasted for a minute or more, but that is a very rare event. The sensation is, literally, very much like someone stabbing me where the pain occurs. My wife gets concerned most when the pains occur in the chest, naturally. I've had stents in, so she thinks it's a heart attack. I have to calm her and assure her it's not a heart attack.
Well, enough about me. How are YOU doing? :-D

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