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Posted In: Medical Errors Anonymous | October 6, 2014 | 09:16 PM

Where do I start I suppose at the beginning when I was 20 I had a couple of intermittent faints and was diagnosed with epilepsy and started on meds I started having fits and I was given more medication but the fits increased in number I had many ergs and test I was told I was an uncontrollable epileptic and not to have children this scenario went on for nearly ten years in that time I was having up to 30seizures a day I had over 300 fits in one month my husband had to keep a record I was stopped doing everything and was house bound I was also toxic from the meds
and was very poorly I couldn't even go for a coffee with my mum for 9 years as I was fitting all the time in 1990 I was informed I wasn't epileptic I had been misdiagnosed the fits were drug induced I was in shock at first I didn't do anything then decided to take keep gal action but it was to no avail as my records went missing form a couple of the hosts I attended also the expert backed down and wouldn't say they were negligent so I didn't get justice or any comp at all I'd of been happy with anything not long after I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which has been caused by the trauma of everything so I'm disabled now yet I use to my work I use to dance , sport mad and swim no one knows how this has affected me physically , mentally and emotionally also the hurt of not having children because of a medical error and my poor mum and dad have never had grandchildren there 82 now they have suffered to I have also been very depressed because of this I'm on citalopram now I still want justice and something back every test I had every EEG States no evidence of epilepsy yet I kept being given more and more drugs in the last couple of months been diagnosed with conversion disorder which has come from the trauma and emotional crisis to be honest I don't know how I survived I can hardly walk some days there are very good neurologists in this field but I saw the wrong person my heat goes out to people with epilepsy so I have decided to write a book it is very emotional as it is my past but I will do as it will make people aware it is too late now for any case but I can stop others suffering I will never be a mum or nan all because of a medical error it hurts so much even but I have to keep smiling .

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