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lips peel off when touch water

Posted In: Skin conditions Anonymous | July 3, 2019 | 08:55 AM

i am 24 years old , i from 6 years back unknownly lick, and pick off skin on my lips with teeth unintentionally, due to of it their is white or pale colour mark on lips where i repeatdly bite it, now when i stop licking my lips completly , my lips are peel off itself when it touch with water , and gets extremly dry , before this problem arise i changed my toothpaste at that time , after changing toothpaste 3 months later i start this problem, from one and half year my lips peel off while brushing , i literally facing with this problem , i dont what it is reason , i not able go outside confidently due to this problem, i am not able drink or eat anything eat outside , because it look really bad due it,plzzzzzzzzz some one help me , i contacted skin doctor also they tell , it is cheilitis , form two months i am using medicines , but not no improvement expect my white mark on lips gone completly , but lips are peel off daily , plzzzzzzz any one plz help me

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