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I was born with chronic anxiety and depression. I had shingles when I was seven. now HEPC for 40 yr

Posted In: Depression Anonymous | July 5, 2015 | 01:02 PM

. I had a 140 IQ at 11,ADHD,OCD. Mother wud not medicate me for AdhD because I was not aloud to take the prescribed meds and I skipped 2 years in school, wanted to be lawyer-cud'nt do it. There is a whole lot more my husband was a world class athelete and played top 100 in the mens Pro Atp tour thru around #85 ranked for a few weeks...he had a terrible near fatal broken neck auto accident eptinjury, in hosp 4.5 mos over a mill in dr's bill...u must find good in all...I slept there every nite and worked at LAX daily 40 miles.He is now the Jr Dir at LA Tennis Club for 15 yrs, he's been written up as a miracle. And I never took care of me,never griefed and finally had 2 severe nervous BKdowns.
From around 2003 to 2008 or 2009. I am 1/100th the woman I was........and will never come back...At least I can communicate again. I use to write fun poetry, I am lucky I can spell my name.

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