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I have all symptoms of Hypothyroidism but none of the doctors have been detected it in 12 years :(

Posted In: Hypothyroidism SashaPen | August 1, 2015 | 05:18 AM

Hi all,

I am 23 years old and probably suffering from hypothyroidsim probably. A little background:
Always been an active participant in everthing since school(dance, multiple sports, debates, recitations, elocutions, event organisation, name it!) and have run out of shelves to place my trophies on at home. So they adorn my study table and dressing table! Always done what I wanted and got it. But lately, things have changed. I've been working since two years at a firm that I had chose not to two years ago. Desparately trying to get out of here and make something of myself, but it seem too difficult to reach to a new place. I feel really low on enegy at most times in the day since countless number of years. It was demotivating. I was convinced by my Indian parents that this is normal and just a 'phase' in life and that 'it will pass'.....sigh! Just so typical of Indians to blame it on destiny!

But I have other issues too. im going to list it down:
1. Hair loss....i feel its a major contributer to my depression. my scalp just cant seem to stop peeping out from everywhere. This is traumatising now since i've tried multiple herbal and non herbal treatments(including PRP).

2. Dry beautician cant stop jabbering about my dry skin while threading and how to fix it with milk cream.

3. Cold intolerance....brrr...i feel shivers in a room with AC turned as low as 20. Cant bear AC for a long time much unlike any other average colleague around me.

4. Headache...any time..any where....seems to have a mind of its own! have been having a constant headache since the last 4 days. And it feels like a normal thing after all these years.

5. Forgetfulness! my colleagues remind me of some things we did yesterday :( it feels odd.

6. Badly hoarse voice which breaks everytime i speak. Its annoying as my job involves verbal communication and i am given a back seat for this. I need to put in a lot of effort to speak..air comes out most times!

There are a few more but i just can't seem to recall! My family and higher management at office think im better than others but just dont 'work to my full potential'! Last one and a half year i was depressed after a break up with my boyfriend and that too appeared normal to everyone.

In short, my life has gone haywire and i have no clue whats going on. My TSH level is 4.2 but the labs here in India use 0.5 to 5 TSH range for 'normal' thyroid functioning. Hence, none of my doctors(i've seen many over these years) have been able to correctly diagnose me with the right health issue(I was diagnosed with PCOS and hence sent for a PRP on my scalp..ouch!).

I had no alternative but to search online for the underlying issue related to my symptoms. Found HYPOTHYROIDISM speaking much of my bodily issues and my TSH level too.

I am looking for health specialists and friends who have been/are going though/can help me correctly diagnose this issue as I am highly depressed that no one could help me with even a clue towards this all these years.

Would love to hear from you all :)

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