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I had gum graph surgery 3 months ago and now recurrent chin swelling.

Posted In: Chin Lump Anonymous | May 1, 2018 | 00:51 AM

I had gum graph surgery 3 months ago which went very well.
I did have a lot of bruising but my post op appointment revealed that the graph which was from the roof of my mouth was healing fine and after 6 weeks no longer needed to return for checkup. After that I had sudden onset of chin swelling and lump occurred on left side of chin. this happened while I was walking home after work one day. I called my periodontist immediately and he said that it was not related to the surgery because any complication would have happened sooner. He reassured me and I iced it and it subsided over the course of the next day. 4 Weeks later, once again as I was walking home, same time of day it happened again. This time I did not get so anxious about it since I figured I'll just ice it and it will go away.
I did, and it did. It has now happened a 3rd time, now on the right side of my chin, one again while I'm walking home and same time of day. It happens very quickly within minutes the swelling happens and forms a lump that takes over the inside of my chin. The periodontist says maybe it's a salivary duct that got blocked. I didn't even tell him about the 2nd or 3rd time. I do tend to have dry mouth. Maybe it is blocked and I'm not drinking enough water at work. I have no idea. Any one have any idea?

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