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Cirrhosis "The slow painful death"

Posted In: Liver conditions Anonymous | April 21, 2017 | 00:22 PM

I am writing this post as a warning to those who think that partying and permiscuous behavior is acceptable. My story, and I'll make it brief was that of a party boy. Now at the age of 49 I'm dying a slow painful death from Cirrhosis of the liver. I am not a candidate for transplantation because I have Hepatitis B a disease that there is a vaccine for. I didn't need that vaccine I wasn't going to catch any diseases those were the problems of third world countries. Well I sit here today with my belly sticking out like I'm pregnant and my legs are as wide as footballs because of the edema and fluid in my abdominal cavity. I stopped my partying over ten years ago. I changed my life completely but during those ten years I found out I had contracted HIV/AIDS Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Well they cured my Hep C. But my Hepatitis B has no cure. But it has a vaccine. If I didn't have Hep B I might have a fighting chance. But I don't I'm slowly dying a painful death. GET VACCINATED PEOPLE PLEASE! !
That is all be safe!!

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