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Chlorine/ammonia smell

Posted In: Bronchitis Anonymous | June 7, 2014 | 04:09 AM

Last night I was diagnosed with acute bronchitis. I am not a smoker, never have smoked, but I was put on an antibiotic and another drug to help with my coughing and nose inflammation. I got one dose of antibiotic at the clinic and didn't start the other medication until next morning. Within a two or three hour span of taking it, I started smelling,as I would describe, a chlorine bleach smell. I was even asking my husband and my mother, who has her own apartment on the end of my house, if she was using chlorine bleach because it was such a strong smell. No! No one was guilty. So I got on the web to find some answers when I run across this site. Everyone seems to have different situations where they are smelling these odors, also. I was thinking, perhaps if it was my medication the Dr. put me on,which I had never been on before. When I get off of them, or notice when the smell stops, perhaps I might find whether it was the medication or not. Will let you know. This was my first experience of this kind. And yes, it's a prominent smell . It hasn't stopped since it first started hours ago. Maybe morning will bring a new light.

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