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21 year old athlete with unknown headaches for 2 years...

Posted In: Pressure In Head Anonymous | February 2, 2016 | 03:13 AM

So for two years now I have experienced a constant pressure in my forehead area. I am often confused, foggy, and lethargic. It gets better and worse some days but is always there, I cant seem to find out its causes or remedies because it is always changing.

I have had a CT scan, gone on antibiotics, had blood and urine samples, 24 hour blood pressure monitor, Ive been told its sinusitis, TMJ, and post concussion syndrome by doctors and everything I seem to try doesn't help.

It seems to get worse with heavy weight lifting, bending over, extreme exertion, reading, and driving (especially at night) I currently think that it is an ear/sinus problem, possibly patulous Eustachian tube? but Im no doctor..

Thank you, and I appreciate any positive feedback you may have!

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