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  • Bruised vein on front left shoulder (Deltoid)

    JimJohnson 1 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions May 15, 2010 03:26 AM

    I work out and only take protein shake. I know I push myself but not sure if this the cause of it? It looks like my vein leaked?? But not sure. A few weeks ago I noticed it was bruised. Here's a picture of it.... http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz314/BuyingStocks/Bruise2.jpg One week ago this is...

  • Lymphedema

    LymphActivist 0 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions December 31, 2009 09:11 AM

    There are a number of errors in the information posted on this website on the topic of "lymphedema" or "skin swelling". Attempts to correct some of these errors are ignored.Judging by the inaccuracies in this one small medical condition I would rate this website as a "don't visit".Examples of...

  • lymphocytic vasculitis

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions October 21, 2009 06:17 PM

    I am 29 year old female, have been treated for a rash on my leg about 6 or 8 places as a fungus by my dermatologist, it has now spread to my other leg, a few on my chest and one on my back. I also had a white patch on my big toe nail, which has now grown out but seems to have asmall black dot on...

  • Visible blue veins all over male 19 years old

    Masterchiefx2 0 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions October 4, 2009 09:57 AM

    HI all i have visble blues veins all over my body on my chest, feet, legs arms, can they be genetic as my mum has them?should i worry is there anything i can do im thining they are just genetic and there is ntohing to prevent them? :confused:

  • Please help!

    Foley70 2 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions August 20, 2009 11:36 PM

    Hi All, I had a CT of my neck because of what they thought was a stone in my submandibular gland turns out its two enlarged lymph nodes. However when doing the CT it says on the report an Aberrant Right Subclavian Artery. Doing allot of research online this sounds serious. I have been having...

  • DNA Study for Wegener's Granulomatosis Patients

    clinical genetics 0 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions June 9, 2009 03:40 PM

    DNA Study for WG PatientsBlood Donations Needed The goal of Dr. Katherine Siminovitch’s study: ‘Identification of Novel Wegener’s Granulomatosis Susceptibility Genes’ is to identify the genes that confer risk for disease. The study has already identified variants in three of the genes studied and...

  • vein stripping

    renzandjo 3 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions June 3, 2009 11:45 PM

    has anyone personally ever had this done and what was your recovery like? Alot of pain? Bruising? Able to walk in about how long? I know the specifics of the procedure but can't find anything about the recovery? I need to have it done but also can't miss work for more than a couple of days....

  • Distended veins on temple (spreading)

    goldeneddie 0 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions March 19, 2009 01:34 AM

    This is my first post. Over the last 24hours the veins on my temples (especially left) have become noticeably distended and it's getting worse (again, especially on the left side) spreading backwards into the hairline. I am a 43 yr old non-smoking, non-drinking male, otherwise fit but taking...

  • T wave Inversion

    ecgtrouble 0 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions February 15, 2009 02:28 PM

    About 6 years back when I was first diagnosed with High BP an ECG was also done.The doctor told me that since I had T wave inversion and there are no other symtoms I can assume that everything is normal.I take 5 gm of Lisinopril and walk 3 miles in 36 minutes 5 days in a week .My BP is generally...

  • Varicose Veins Help

    HELP_ASAP 1 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions December 29, 2008 08:45 AM

    I’ve had varicose veins on one of my legs for some time and as a result a lump had developed on the calf just below the knee. I had no knowledge about the veins (shame on me), until one day when the lump became red and painful and I started to educate myself after a doctor’s visit. I don’t know if...

  • numbness in face, up to 12 times a day

    nursing01 0 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions December 11, 2008 01:18 AM

    My uncle is having numbness in one side of his face. It is on one side and at first it would come and go. He's had up to 12 of these in one day. Lately he has been having numbness all day. His doctors have claimed they are vascular migraines and put him on high blood pressure meds, potassium meds...

  • Complications of Crohn’s Disease

    Recognize the risks associated with Crohn’s disease.

    8 Surprising Facts About Cholesterol

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  • Migrating phlebitis, both feet, top of hands, other problems

    Anonymous 2 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions December 3, 2008 12:31 AM

    Hello, I need some help getting a diagnosis, im on HMO and am getting the run around. I'm F, 32, & a smoker. At the end of September the vein leading down my left wrist down over the top of my hand became very inflamed and painful, white dots above the vein in a few spots. Went to the Dr. and my GP...

  • vein thrombosis

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions November 29, 2008 09:52 PM

    Hello, I was diagnosed with thrombosis in my right leg when i was 15,but now im 19 and still i have thrombosis in my femoral vein,im keeping vein socks but my right leg is 8 centimeter more bigger than left and i have problem in walking i cannot walk more than 15 minutes so please tell me your...

  • Arteriovenous shunt for treatment of DVT

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions September 8, 2008 02:48 PM

    A 92-yr./old female with chronic, unilateral, iliofemoral DVT and IVC filter placement claims to have had a "shunt" placed at the same time of the filter in order "to prevent future DVTs". In 2000 she was hospitalized with a CVA. During the admission she developed the initial DVT. Unable to...

  • Reynaud’s Syndrome

    Don Hemmingsen 0 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions August 23, 2008 01:19 PM

    Dear FriendsI have something very interesting to tell the Friends whu have problems with Reynaud Syndrome.The medical product Cialis (Tadalafil) is worldwide registered as anti ED (Erectile Dysfunction) – medication.It is truth, but Tadalafil is very effective for problems with Reynaud’s Syndrome....

  • Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome

    bknotwell 160 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions June 16, 2008 11:36 AM

    I have been diagnosed with popliteal artery entrapment syndrome in both legs and was wondering if anyone else out there has this condition.My symptoms are when walking my feet would go numb and then I experience pain down the sides of my calves but the pain would go away upon rest (claudication). I...

  • What is this

    Maddie 2 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions June 9, 2008 10:07 PM

    Does anyone know what a Intraluminal Thrombus Infundibulum is? I don't know if this is the proper place to post. This is what was on my recent angiogram report. Any and I mean any feedback would be great, I have done some searching on-line and can't really decipher what the heck it is. Thanks,Maddie

  • Vascular Neuropathy

    Glenda Howson 1 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions April 7, 2008 09:32 PM

    My husband is significantly disabled with this disease. All treatments have failed,infact side effects have caused bad effects. e.g kidneys bleeding.He has now been told there is no cure he is going to get worse and kemo will buy him some time. Does anyone no of anything that can help save his...

  • Pulmonary Embulism

    Anonymous 2 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions March 7, 2008 05:18 AM

    My Cousin Just Died A Week Ago From A Pulmonary Embulism, She Was Only 38 Years Old. Does This Run In The Family? Or Is It Just A Horrible Unexpected Death That Can Happen To Anyone Any Time.

  • Question about some medical terms

    Emil100 3 Replies
    Posted in: Vasuclar conditions February 13, 2008 05:35 PM

    I am a little confused regarding three medical terms: "pentosan sulfuric polyester""pentosan polysulfate""Elmiron". Are they all synonyms with an identical meaning?