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  • Posted By: Nozferat
  • October 19, 2008
  • 10:46 PM

Dear Folks:

I have tried to use WD to diagnose my symptoms and keep coming up with thyroid issues and hypoglycemia. I have really started to worry and am concerned but of course I need to get a full exam done before I can actually realize what this is.

Allow me to give some background about myself, etc.


I am a 37 year old male. I am in generally very good health (I believe..knock on wood), have had annual exams for both blood, urine, eyes, etc done on me and no issues. A thing the doctor noticed once was that my good cholesterol was 4 points below the minimum but that's it. My cholesterol is generally very low overall, my blood pressure is low, my hemoglobin is within limits but on the higher side.

I do have a family history of diabetes, heart disease, and anxiety.

I weigh 137 pounds, am 5' 6.5' tall, try to eat healthy, have cut back on meats and fats quite a bit, and exercise every other day by mountain biking for at least 30-60 minutes.

A few things I know I have is mild sinus issues...all my life I've had probably a mild case of unclear sinus passage ways, a slightly blocked nose ( but I did recently do a home sinus flush).

I live in the wonderfully polluted Los Angeles basin (yuck).


For a number years now, I have the following symptoms:


I break out quite often (far more in the summer hot months) around my lower legs and ankles areas. Sometime I may get the occasional bump in my arm but rarely.


Quite often, my skin becomes quite sensitive....it doesn't hurt but feels raw and dry. I do not develop a rash but it feels like I'm warm to the touch. A sunny day will irritate my skin quite badly. When I go to the hair dresser and she uses clippers on the back of my neck area, she even comments on how quickly my skin becomes red and irritated.


I am plagued quite often with a warm body. My temperature is fine but my body feels hot and I do not like heat...I am heat sensitive.


I suffer from mild to medium itchy skin. I get small itches here and there and all over. It gets alot worse when the weather is warm and dry as it sometimes does in LA. I definitely am more comfortable in the winter. Itches occur all over....face, hands, arms, legs, scalp, etc. My skin is both oily and dry it seems...my face is oilyer than other areas.



Actually, I've always been a night-owl. I have probably abused it too much by sleeping later and later and barely getting about 5-6 hours of sleep a day....except for weekends. But needless to say, I've been trying to sleep sooner and sooner and have incredible difficulty sleeping, going to sleep, and staying asleep.

For example, my usual sleep regiment is going to sleep at around 1AM, 2AM and getting up at around 7:30AM. My body has gotten used to it.

I am now trying to go to sleep at 11PM or midnight and now get up at 6AM or sooner and am wide awake. Plus, I generally take about 1 hour to go to sleep if not more sometimes.

The worst part is I'm a VERY LIGHT SLEEPER. I do not feel like I'm getting deep sleep...I never get to that stage. It's worrying me alot.


This runs in my family on my mother's side. My mother, who is 77, has anxiety, difficulty sleeping, headaches, etc.

I now feel anxiety now and then. I have, FOR YEARS, been drinking tea and coffee regularly throughout the day. I don't abuse it by it's part of my culture to have a cup of tea with something sweet during the day or after a meal. I have cut back on coffee, tea and drink decaf tea more than before. I try to avoid regular tea or coffee in the evenings...but sometimes I feel quite restless and anxious for no real reason.


Sometimes I just don't feel that great....it's a vague feeling of very very mild nausea...not enough to get me in bed or throw up but just a mild state of not feeling hot...something you may feel as a cold comes onto you.


One of the reasons I recently did a home sinus flush was because I felt that I was coming down with a cold and my sinuses felt heavy and needed to be cleaned out. I was also feeling an aching pain sometimes above my left eye near the eyebrow.


Please excuse me for being a little graphic but I know people will understand in order for a diagnosis to be somewhat accurate.

I have recently felt more gassy, have an upset stomach, and when going to the bathroom, my stomach really twists. My stool, which usually is in good shape (no pun intended) is now clumpy....dehydration?? What interests me is why now while I am experiencing other symptoms?



A couple of times...probably in the past 2-3 years I'd say, I sometimes become very weak, sweaty, and very hungry. I suddenly need to sit down, loss energy, and want to grab whatever I can to eat. I know these are signs of hypoglycemia...or a drop in blood sugar levels.

This has almost always happened when I haven't had much to eat that day or have eaten "healthy"...like vegetables, salad, etc. Never does it happen with a heavier meal that I recall. Thank goodness it's very very rare in occurance.

I also sometimes get a milder, gentler version of this if I am slightly sweaty say, from mild activity such as walking, etc...and I go from one room to another with a change in temperature (say for example inside an air conditioned home to a warmer outside climate).


Thank you all for taking the time to read this if you indeed do so. I have tried to be as organized and clear as possible.

I am most concerned with my sleeping issues. I am sincerely hoping it's simply due to my change in sleeping habits, times, etc.

Am also concerned with my itchy skin...because it is becoming bothersome and I as I am getting older, I am realizing that a warm, dry climate just isn't good for me. But is that all it is?

I would greatly appreciate any insight anyone can give me. I am going to make a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I am truly hoping that it's nothing serious.

Thank you all.

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