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Do I have a sleeping disorder?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 28, 2007
  • 01:20 AM

Hi, I'm fifteen years old and have been having these symptoms for years.

My hallucinations started when I was twelve. I looked up some research, and I'm pretty sure they are hypnopompic hallucinations, since I have them when I'm waking up. I'm fully conscious, I can move. I've jumped out of the bed, pointed at the hallucinations, hid under my covers, said what they were, screamed; when I finally realize I'm hallucinating I can't see it anymore. I've had people witness me hallucinating before. I don't remember ever hallucinating with the room lit, or tv on. My most recent hallucination was two weeks ago.

Since mid-last year I've experienced what I think is sleep paralysis. But instead of waking up, it happens in the dreams. I'm having a nightmare, everything vivid, especially sound. The sound is extremely painful, either bad music, or someone screaming. I want to wake from it, so I try to throw my leg over, or reach my arm over, but it won't work. I try to open my eyes to wake up, but it won't work. It's like my limbs are attached to the bed, they barely budge. Then suddenly I snap out of it. A few times it had happen while I was falling asleep, rather then waking up. Those times I wasn't dreaming, instead I hear stuff around me, like the tv, or people talking, and I'm trying to wake up because I have fallen asleep on the couch. I try opening my eyes and lifting my head, but I can't. This isn’t as frequent as my other symptoms.

I've always had a hard time falling asleep before twelve, often falling asleep at one, sometimes two. I don't feel tired in the morning, and in the mornings I have a cup of coffee. At school, most of the time I'm fine, not tired, but when coming home I get extremely tired. I've started to fall asleep on the couch in the afternoon after school, and after waking up I feel alright. Later around 5ish-7ish I feel the urge to take another nap. Even when I get a good night's sleep for a some weeks I still feel the urge to go to sleep around these exact times. I can resist them, but its hard. If I've gotten bad sleep the night before, I may doze off for ten seconds, but wake myself up because I realize I have to stay awake. I often miss my favorite tv shows that are on around 7ish, because I fall asleep during them. It becomes a big problem when I baby-sit. I don't fall asleep, but the urge is so strong.

Today for the first time, I was in school and we had a math test. I felt completely fine, but then I started getting extremely tired. While everyone was going onto the next page, I was only on number five. That's not normal for me, I have an A in that class, and knew I knew the stuff we were learning. It was unexpectant. I just couldn't concentrate, and tried so hard to speed up. I have ADHD, and I know what its like not being able to concentrate, (I'm not on medicine for it anymore, haven't been for years), but this was different then attention defficet. I felt like I was falling asleep, and had to stay after school to finish my test. I appologized to my teacher after I finished and told her I tried, I just couldn't concentrate probally because I don't get enough sleep. She understood. This is the first time this has happened.

I know I have parasomia. I sleep walk, and sleep talk. I also have sleep terrors and will scream at night. I think it may have started when I was eight years old. A lot of people have witnessed me doing this. So much that I have to warn new people I camp with or have sleepovers with of my sleeping problems. I think it's unrelated to the symptoms I've mentioned, but I figured I might as well list everything.

Do I have a sleeping disorder? Please, I’d really like to know if its called something.

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