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Another Sleep Problem...unsolved mystery!!

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  • Posted By: jamesisasleep
  • July 15, 2008
  • 05:50 AM

I have had a sleep problem for about seven years now, since i was 16 years old. (I am now 23.) I am relatively healthy, did a half hour run yesterday, will do one again today, would have no problem doing a three mile swim etc. (i'll come back to the point of exercise later.)

I have seen nearly every top sleep specialist in Ireland, and a range of other specialties travelling to all corners and spending thousands, but the problem remains unsolved. I have been diagnosed with mild Narcolepsy, but have barely any of the symptoms normally associated. The drugs provigil, (modafil) have no effect even when overdosed. I don;t think I have narcolepsy, I had the sleep test, and the first time with one doctor, they said i didn't have it, then the second doctor wanted to do it again, and the person doing the test at the time, said sorry no problem again, but when i got to back to the 2nd doctor, he said sorry you have mild narcolepsy. VERY STRANGE...There was a time when a sleep specialist was thinking I had sleep apnea, due to an enlarged tonsil, but as they weren't convinced I had to wait two years before I personally convinced an ENT surgeon to remove the tonsil (had to pretend it was for another reason). To this date it is the only thing that has improved my problem. Worth the fight. I also had a sub-mucous diathermy (removing so some of the lining of the sinus tissue) at the same time as the tonsil, and this could have equally been successful in the improvement.

To describe myself, I have learnt over the years my problem , I fall asleep in stuffy spaces where the air gets to hot, and have a much higher sucepablity than most people. I have never stayed awake during a theatre production, I rarely stay awake in the movie theatre, I go just to see my friends, and i try hard to stay awake every time. No amount of caffeine works, nor provigil to keep me awake.... I have never managed to stay awake in a single college lecture, I went to every one, and fell asleep after about an hour into the lecture. I fall asleep at work..all the time. at least once a day. I can't drive for more than 15 minutes without falling asleep, in the passenger seat...

This is a new job I started, and imbetween jobs I took about 4 months break, (This is when i got my tonsil out as well) anyway, I just went out met friends, did whatever, I had no need to enter the stuffy spaces, and I had no sleep problem, I would go to sleep at 11, and wake up at 8, sometimes i might out to a nightclub...and no problems what so ever... the only exception was the passenger seat in a car...

So what I do know is I do NOT have the typical thing, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, depression, overweight, etc...

What I am currently thinking is this is 100% respiratory problem, side effect. sleep in bad air. Note i sleep perfectly at night.

I have a post nasal drip, and I am constantly swallowing my own flem, an allergy specialist who had a fibre optic camera, was nice enough to show me pictures of inside of my sinus, and said there is still way more tissue than usual, and the aperture of the opening is miniscule to what is normal. like 1/4...however the only recommendation they have is neilmed, which is jala neti, commercialised, basically just salt and warm water circulated through the nasal passage. It works at clearing my nose and does improve me alot, but sometimes towards the middle of the day, I am still falling asleep...

any ideas...

(if you need any extra info please ask)

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