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Wrinkly, burning, red, swollen eyelids on ONE eye

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 24, 2009
  • 06:48 PM

There are 5 important points that I want you to pay attention to:

1) the rash is ONLY affecting ONE eye. This is weird. Usually allergies affect both eyes.
2) It's WRINKLY. The wrinkledness is NOT from scratching or contact; I've been careful not to touch or rub my eyelids.
3) The small region of flaky, wrinkly skin, the size of a pea, appeared under my brow maybe more than a week ago and stayed that way for several days until spreading.
4) The corner of my eye would be itchy, and other small points around my eyelids would be itchy, BEFORE the rash "appeared" at those particular locations. In other words, you would see the rash under the brow, but the itchiness would somewhere else - at the corner of my eye.
5) It can't be blepharitis because the rash didn't start on the lids or near the lashes.

After considering these two important symptoms, consider the rest:

About a week ago, it started on the skin under the brow, near my upper eyelid. A patch of wrinkly, flaky, reddish skin. Even after washing the area, the skin was flaky like really dry skin would be.

Then this patch spread to both my upper and lower eyelids. This morning, I woke up and it's on my upper eyelid so I can't open my eye properly; I have to force it to have the normal crease. My eyelids are also swollen and puffy.

Again, this is JUST my right eye. My left eye is fine.

It's extremely tender and it burns. Cetaphil facial cleanser burns, and even mere water burns.





I asked a doctor, and he said it was a contact-caused allergic reaction. I touched my eye with something. I think he's wrong. And I know dermatologists and doctors are constantly wrong because I've been Googling all morning, finding forums where everyone complains they simply call it an allergic reaction and then it lasts for years and they discover it's yeast or something else entirely. And they suffered for years.


And I've had plenty of allergies in my lifetime. I've had multiple cases of hives. Life-threatening hives. I'm 21, and I've NEVER had this kind of allergic reaction before. I know what an allergy feels like, okay? I've touched many things. Breathed many things. None of them have caused this before.

dgdjkh.kdshosjthsrjth/lsrjh I am now asking all the Internet to help because it's the only way.

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