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Undiagnosed Rash

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  • Posted By: blueskies1979
  • September 18, 2009
  • 06:41 AM

I have been to several doctors, and most recently a dermatologist, about a rash that appeared on my left hip/waist area and have not received any answers yet. The dermatologist did a biopsy, but I won't have the results back for another two weeks and this is driving me crazy.

It first showed up as a small cluster of what looked like ant or mosquito bites on my left hip, just above my leg. I put hydrocortisone cream on it and went to bed. The next day it had worsened, more bumps and it had spread farther toward my back, but still basically on the waistline, only on my left side. I went to a doctor and he said it looked like an allergic reaction, told me to take Benadryl and prescribed a 6-day pack of methylpropisolone steroids. 3 days later it had gotten even worse, so I went to another doctor who said it might be bacterial, and prescribed antibiotics and said I might try an anti-fungal cream as well. A couple days later it seemed to clear up entirely, just a faint redness in the area but all the bumps were gone. Since I was on steroids, antibiotics, Benadryl and anti-fungal cream, I didn't know what had fixed it. About two days later it came back and became progressively worse. I went to the dermatologist who prescribed nothing, gave me no ideas on what it may be and did the biopsy. It's now just over two weeks since it first appeared and it looks the worst it has since the beginning.

I have no other symptoms - no fever, no sore throat, no swollen glands, no flu symptoms, no pain, and the rash didn't start itching until yesterday, and it's very mild. It's still contained on my left hip/waist area and I don't have anything like it anywhere else on my body. I have considered bedbugs (but it gets worse during the day also, when I'm not in bed), clothing/detergent allergies (but it's not anywhere else but there), and many other things, but without other symptoms nothing seems to make sense. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

Here's a picture of most of it:


Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions. :)

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