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Trying to help my mom out - confusing skin sensation symptoms.

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  • Posted By: J_Tay81
  • November 14, 2013
  • 07:02 PM

I'd like to post my mom's symptoms/hx in the order that things occurred for her. I hope it isn't totally confusing and overly long. I'm an RN and feel helpless that I cannot help her out, so I thought I would turn to a larger community. Here we go:

2-3 months ago, the family dog jumped on mom's lap and she said she felt something drop onto her from him. He had just come in from outside so he may have brought somthing in with him. She claims she saw nothing. The next day or two, she began to feel a transient itching sensation. Sometimes it was an itch, other times it felt like spider webs falling across her arms and legs. There were other times it felt like a pinpricking sensation.

It would get worse at night and in the pre-dawn hours. Some weeks its minimal and she thinks its over, and then it comes back.

There have never been any skin marks or blemishes like one might see with scabies. (I suspected neuropathy early on).

Mom states that the dog has also seemd uncomfortable, itching continuously. The vet has found no signs of parasites such as mites or fleas.

MD's have essentially dismissed her since they have nothing to biopsy or do a skin scraping on. She is prediabetic, and one doc wanted her to start amytriptiline for possible neuropathy, but she refuse to take it bcause it also used as an antidepressant (mom has certain biasis shall we say).

She's now discouraged and won't see any more docs.

I still thought that it was mostly a problem with her, and the thing with the dog was a coincidence, but recently my father (who lives with mom) claims he has been itching as well. And his sister, who he hugged during a recent visit, claims to now have itching that cannot be otherwise explaned.

Another odd symptom mom reports: coughing up dried, white particles as well as some dried white particles around her eyes.

Mom has tried Benadryl (which made her very agitated), and then Permethrin creme, which did nothing. The dog is on Frontline which is supposed to kill fleas and mites, and had been for years prior. He never had an issue before this episode.

I feel really frustrated and helpless here, to say nothing of what my family feels. My brother and I have been essentially banned from the house in a pseudo-quarantine move.

Does anybody have any ideas here? Nothing they experience seems to fit any one diagnosis 100%.

Any thoughts or ideas are welcomed.

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