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This has been long and tedious

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 21, 2010
  • 07:46 AM

Back in Dec 09 I noticed a pimple like bump that didnt go away. was concerned about it while my girlfriend was not. Wanted to get tested, but my girlfriend only got angry, which made me worry if she had something more. a month later still didnt go away. Went to get tested at an std clinic finally, negative for clymidea, gonnorea, syphillis, and hiv. but was diagnosed with mollescum and treated with tri-something or other acid on that spot, and also on about 6 spots which I didnt even see or notice right above the pubic area. yea it worked but in 3wks. it came back, got it treated again, and again, and again every 3wks and been scarred from it. Got Mollescum DX which really irritated and dried out the skin on my penis. And didnt work for **** anywhere. Got Zymaderm and treated for the 5th time at the clinic and used zymaderm on some of those spots that was just treated and other spots. The zymaderm worked on about 2 spots that wasnt just treated, and it worked on like 2 spots that was just treated, but took like a month. Others were still present. My girlfriend and I stopped being sexually active since I was diagnosed. I thought I got it from her, and had a real hard time believing she didnt cheat on me because I was with her since late July of 09 and saw the first bump in Dec 09. just found out now in July 2010 that a girl I had a fling with back in March of 09 had it and popped up on her a little before mine popped up. Lucky for her hers is gone (so she says) and shes clean now. Wish I could say the same. In June my current gf got one that was treated, and shes been alright since... But I really thought my current gf gave me this (because she had a fling around the same time I had mine). Its tore our relationship apart, because a month later I found out it was someone else and I gave my current gf it. So I saw a dermatologist in July and he froze a few with liquid nitrogen on my stomach from a can and applicator straw. Didnt work as well as the acid ive found, because I saw him 3wks later and had the same ones froze again (and theyre still here) also had tiny tiny ones (2or3) on the edge of head of my penis (which made me start thinking i could have something else like hpv) But during the 2nd visit to the derm he said this was just sebatious prominence and that i probably had this longer than i thought and never known it... OOOOOOOhhh this just made me *****d off cuz I know what is there and isnt there. I also had raised hair follicles on the back of the base of my penis more prominent after taking showers or errect but not apparant if flacid. Which he also diagnosed as simple hair follicles. I do realize that this is possible at the base, but more seemed more apparant after I was diagnosed with mollescum. Now I dont trust these doctors at all. Went to the std doctor again and got the ones on the head treated, and she also says the rest i see at the base are just hair follicles and that the rest of my skin looks healthier and not to worry. They dont look like the first bump i got at all... But Im very weary... they do look like what pictures ive seen that are sebatious prominence. Just ordered some stuff from the UK called antisebum (probably a rip off product) but we'll see. I still have 3-5 bumps on my stomach 2 of which was frozen and still been treating it 2 times a day with the zymaderm. Its been 8mo.s in all and im losing hope and cant make out whats what on my penis. What is sure of both the std doctor and dermatologist is it isnt herpes, hpv, or genital warts. But im not sure what to do. IM SCARED OF THE ACV approach because my mother is alergic to bandaids and can only use paper tape, and I get red irritated skin from bandaids as well, paper tape aint gonna hold on the bottom of my penis and Ive also heard through all this talk on the forum about ACV is it works on larger mollescum but not the smaller ones... I might try the tea tree oil next... Id like to hear more people on hear talking about that its gone, but I dont seem to see this that much and Im losing hope... im affraid more than ever now cuz now the doctors seem to be giving up and giving me other diagnosis that its simply hair follicles at the base... AAAHHHHHH... Please HELP!

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