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Scar is splitting-help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 8, 2008
  • 03:16 PM

I had what turned tout to be a benign freckle removed from my palm on 21st jan. It was below my index finger and they used eliptical excision to take it out. Th epiece of skin they rmoved was about 1.5 cm along my palm and 1 cm across so it left a sizable hole. They didnt need to take any muscle or ligament just skin.

Anyway they pulled the edges together and i had 3 stitches. It left a 1.5 cm long line. At first i was impressed when i saw how the had made such a big hole into a neat line but know i wish they left it open.

They took out the stitches on 1st feb and when i went back on 5th they said it was benign and healing ok but i told them i couldnt move my hand fully so they gave me an appointment with an occupational therapist.

I saw her today and its left me so depressed. The problem is the scar is too tight and its not healing. They tell me its bound to feel tight and i know healing scars do i was a cutter for years but this doesnt feel tight i know it is cause its splitting. I cant flatten my hand well i can just about flatten it but the pain becomes unbarable. The same if i try to make a fist.

The middle section of the cut is healed ok and already scarred but the top and bottom keep breaking open and now the middle is staring to open bit by bit. Its agony.

To make it worse im a musician and i cant play my saxophine because i cant stretch my fingers far enough without it tearing or having intense pain in the healed part. I cant play my clarinet becase i my fingers are too cramped from not being able to move them properly i need to be able to not only flatten my palm but bend my fingers fully backwards to keep them loose and supple enough to play.

Ive told all this to the therapist and she said i should do exercisses to strenten the muscles but the muscles arent weak my only problem is too much skin was removes. They gave me silicon stuff and wraps and ill see them again in 10 days and when i was leaving she asked me when i was being reviewed by the surgeon and i said im not i was discharged from their sevice and she just gave her assistant this look and i saw her shaking her head as i left. I think may be they should of doner a skin graft cause of where the skin was taken from but now im discharged i cant be seen again thats how it works in my country . If i want to get it fixed i have to go on a waiting list that is literally years long cause its not a life threatenting thing. I cant afford to have it dont privately.

Im so afraid the scar will either burst open or will just heal and ill be left with terrible pain everytime i try to move my fingers fully i wont be able to play my sax and wont get theagility back in to my fingers for my clarinet. I dont know what to do about it.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

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