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Painful/Tender pain on my skull and back of head

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  • Posted By: Lajeran
  • March 9, 2011
  • 04:26 AM

I have various parts of my body that are tender and painful day to day. The latest has been the back of my head where I have had several people look and have looked myself with a mirror but see no evidence of a cut, swelling, redness or anything that could explain the tenderness and pain in that particular part of my head. But if I touch it accidental or someone else it will put me through the moon even when I am taking Advil and/or my prescription pain med. This head pain has me the most worried. My DR has sent me to RA Dr who sent me to the eye DR who tried to get me to go to a teaching hospital for a Giant Cell Arthrites biopsy which I declined. Yeah, like I want someone to open the sides of my skull which the side effects can cause dead skin on the skull and hair loss when they could treat a flare with steroids till they can come up with a more humane way to make a positive ID. I see my GP tomorrow. I have been diagnosed with Fibro so I thought but my RA doctor never listed it on my diagnosis the other day when he was filling out some insurance papers for me yet it has been listed for the last 7 years! So annoyed tonite with my RA DR. It seems the RA Dr sent a letter to the Eye DR about Giant Cell Arthrites possibility like I was some rare interesting find even though in the office he gave it only a 5% possibility. Does that even make sense? I don't have to have a college degree to do the math. I was the one that asked my RA DR about this as I had several of the symptoms listed at the time about a week ago, so painful on the bridge of my nose I could not stand to wear my glasses. Left eye extremely painful and left side temple tender to the touch and a little swollen compared to the right side of my temple. The headache and pain lasted 5 days and nothing, absolutely nothing I tried would break the cycle of pain. I tried ice, heat, wet wash clothes, even Ben Gay besides, 1 day using just Advil, tried caffeine (coffee), aspirin and then my pain meds. Note, I waited appropriate intervals between using Advil, aspirin and finally the prescription pain med.
I am still breathing, lol, but seriously I lead a quiet life and don't even partake in anything other than the meds prescribed. I do have allergies seasonal and year round. I actually run air purifiers in my home in almost all my rooms even though the electric bills kill me. I am baffled about this, several years ago it happened and my GP also thought it was the beginning of shingles and gave some antibiotics which I thought was odd since shingles is a virus. I get a lot of the other pain listed in this topic but always attribute it to my Fibro, something I just have to deal with. The head pain bothers me because it just seems a little more serious if not diagnosed correctly. But maybe it is the Fibro, too? Thanks for listening...At least we are not alone in our battles with pain.:rolleyes:

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