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Just got to see it through.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 28, 2010
  • 11:42 AM

I've read this forum a few times, got some good advice off of it and some that seemed to do nothing.. I know what it is like suffering from molluscum so just offering my experience.

Briefly I've been suffering from molluscum since June last year!! A long time!! I pretty much tried everything on this forum.. spent a fair bit of cash in the process but thank god it seems to be almost gone.

I started with 1 pimple on my inner thigh.. one!! this soon turned to about 5 which then turned to about 50!! spread across to my other thigh.. knees.. shins.. at the worst i had about 100 molluscum!

I tried tea trea oil, lemon myrtle oil (or whatever it is), thuja, daktarin cream, panokyl cream and apple cider vinegar.. the only one of these that i found to have worked is ACV.. soaking cotton buds with it and plastering over the molluscum over night.. this seems to cause them to scab over and fall off after a few days..

this isn't how i got to the stage i am in now.. to be completely honest i think its just time that has healed it. using acv gets rid of individual molluscum but i found that they kept coming back.. i pricked a couple with a sterile needle which also seems to work as it causes them to scab over but i have found that this leaves red scars which take several months to fade!

I also read on this forum that one guy had success pnching each molluscum with the thumb nails rght at the bottom squeezing up the core.. now this makes it bleed quite a bit.. but it works!! leaves a tiny mark.. nowhere near as bad as pricking them with a needle.

Everytime i thought i was getting somewhere they kept coming back.. i started taking vitamin c and echinacea drops twice daily.. and with time i started feeling like they werent coming back.. so to experiment i grew my thumb nails and started squeezing the cores out of a few molluscum.. now i didnt go to extreme of rubbing alcohol on my legs first and after etc i just did it.. and they didnt come back! so now i just have a few red marks where i pricked them with a needle and that is it!!

My advice is take vitamins regularly, vitamin c and echinacea. Try the thumb nail method.. at first take care to be as sanitarial as possible.. ensuring that everything is clean and clean your thumbs thoroughly after.. once you squeeze the core out make sure to get rid of it without it touching any other part of you.. trust me when u get one out it is so satisfying.. leave it a few days if it spreads and you get more around that area you're not ready yet.. take one or 2 at a time.. take em out leave it a few days.. attack 2 more etc..
take showers only not baths.. dry the infected area last.. pat dry dont rub..

One big thing i did do however which is a big thing for most people as it was for me.. was give up smoking and drinking! i refrained from both for about 2 and a half months before i gave in.. this is when i really started feeling that things were getting better.. smoking and drinking are seriously detrimental to your immune system.. with molluscum being on the outside of the skin your immune system has to be at its very best to combat it. I have read on here also that one relapse of drinking gets you back to square one.. for me this has not been true since i gave up 2 or 3 times i have gone on a serious bender where i have drank excessively and smoked and it has not made things any worse.. things remained to get better..

I hope that this is of help and you take positives away from it.. Just hang in there.. its a horrible horrible infection but it does get better.

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