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Ive been itching my whole life, please tell me whats wrong.

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  • Posted By: d.sauce
  • December 17, 2008
  • 08:48 AM

ive had bad skin my whole life. born with excema and asthma.
for the last two years its become unberable. ive seen doctors and the only conclusion that has been determined is cortosone creams and antihistamines.
i feel like im just masking the problem, becuase the releif from taking multiple prescription antihistamines is only a couple hours.
i scratch in my sleep and find my self considering suicide will be the only relief. i scratch to the point where i lose alot of my hair, and my whole body is a very sore rash or bleeding.
i am allergic to almost 50% of the world of food, and find my self beleiving that this is the root to my probems.
i keep to a strict diet that donst not include nuts, fish, due to anaphylactic shock.
i have smaller allergies to pepper, soy, mushroom, green pepper, bannas pork, and eat a and a minimual amount of dairy products ... ect.
i find it hard to stay away from everthing but think there is something that is causing the connection between my alergies and the irratitions to my skin.
My skin has been so bad that ive been on anti inflammatories, weakning my immune system making my body unable to fight infections and making my skin worse. alost of times its hard to get into the shower cuase it stings so much.. having to put creme on before i get in.
90% of a 24 hour day i am scratching.
i know im not that bad off.
but i want to find what is wrong.
the itching is unberable and when i start scratching it feels so good killing me is the only way i will stop until satisfyed.
i know i take way to may showers but it is the only way to make it better some times. the itching is constant but worsens when i am hot or sweating but also gets worse towards the end of the day.
With this itching i have also obtained an eye problem... my eyes are itchy and i scratch my eyes untill they are to sore to open and i have to clsoe my eyes for several hours untill they are settled down. i get a film on my eyes that i noticed if you remove the itching stops. but the strings of material that come off my eye is almost like the film that is supose to be on your eyes.. but i scratch it off. i dont really understnd this.

i know i always wasnt like this. and im jsut looking for any answers or clues. i know its gonna take a long time. but this site has really excited me. and im looking for anyone who understands.

thanks for anyone willing to read.

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