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Itchy, Tiny Bumps All Over

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 5, 2007
  • 02:47 PM

It's been going on for a month now. It started on my left arm, just above my wrist as a series of tiny reddish, raised dots. It's very itchy. Within about a week, it spread all over my arms. By about 2 weeks it has spread to my legs and some parts of my body (neck, back, under my breast, on my tummy). The worst parts are still on my arms. In the 3rd week, it got to my face a bit.

I've seen 2 doctors and 1 dermatologist. I've been given antihistamine and some steroid ointment. None of this gave me relief. The initial rash seems to fade away into very tiny raised dots (see pictures) and the new itch now appear like this. All over my arms except my actual wrist and hands now have this 'orange-peel' texture - or like a mini basketball surface. It's like having a permanent goose-bumps even on the part of the skin without hair. The dots in some areas are less dense. Compared the affected area with the wrist area that's not affected:


Now, one of the doctors and the dermatologist prescribed Semprex capsules (one after another) so I have been having this medication for almost 2 weeks now. I'm still itching. And the itch on my face got even worse... Although... it looks different from the rest. On my face it is reddish raised area (see pictures) and the skin there feels tender. Plus, my eyelids got swollen too... the left one is worse, it covers half of my left eye.


So I googled Semprex and found out that this allergy medicine itself could cause allergic reaction as well! One of the side effects is swollen eyelids...

I stopped taking Semprex but kept taking the evening medication (Hydroxyzine). The following morning the swelling was easing off and my overall condition improved. I felt better than I have been since I got this ithcy problem. So I thought I have found out that I'm allergic to Semprex. I simply stop taking it all together.

But lo and behold! This morning I woke up with huge swelling on both eyelids and a bit on my face too! Plus, I was itching like crazy during the night I had problem sleeping. The itch is mostly on my limbs. So I wonder, am I allergic to Hydroxyzine as well? Could it be that all the Semprex I've been taking for almost 2 weeks have wreck havoc to my body and now it became sensitive/allergic to antihistamine?

Now my skin has become very sensitive too. It's a real challenge to find clothing that won't irritate my skin. Any slightest rough material or seams would make my condition worse.

I found cool weather and open space to be of help a bit which is fortunate because now the weather is cool.

Nevertheless, I still have no clue on what has caused the itch on my arms, legs, body that has turned most of my skin into 'orange peel'. As far as I know, I didn't eat nor get in touch with anything new/unusual in the period before the itch started.

My living space is bright with plenty of sunshine and good ventilation. We have big windows that we open every day. We clean our place regularly too.

I have also checked my bed for bedbugs but I didn't see anything, i.e. blood stains or anything at all. I have also washed all the beddings with hot water. Still doesn't help me a bit. BTW, my husband doesn't get any of the itch I got, so whatever it is, it is not contagious.

Oh and I am female, 38 y.o. in good health aside from this condition. I'm not on any medication prior to this, and my weight is normal (slim).

My doc thought it could be something internal so I had some blood tests done several days ago, but the result won't be ready until next Thursday.

I wonder if any body here has similar experience with me, especially the 'orange peel' skin condition.

Thanks a lot for any info you might share here.


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