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Itchy Small Hivelike Bumps on Different Parts of Body

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  • Posted By: techexec
  • May 3, 2013
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I am another sufferer of the infamous rash, which masquerades as a “bug bite”. Some of the doctors I’ve spoke with actually will tell you that is in fact what has happened. They will tell you to put some anti-itch cream on the “50” or more “bites” which occurred the night before.http://f1.hgimg.com/http://f1.hgimg.com/http://f1.hgimg.com/images/smilies/mad.png I think we would know if we were being feasted upon by all those bugs all at once. Go figure. That being said the itching has caused another side effect, sleep deprivation. So since I can’t sleep I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands.
In going through the 800 or so posts regarding this problem I found several which had information so I edited all the info into what is referenced below so I can start my regiment of antibiotics and get rid of this problem. Possibly the info will help you too. Good luck.

Medical term:

epidermolysis bullasa acquisita or chronic idiopatic urticaria
Rash symptoms and Possible Cures:

1. I too have this problem and my Doctor said it is not scabies as that starts in the webbing of your fingers and toes and can usually be contracted in retirement homes, jails and abnadon places. If no one you live with or work with has the same rash, it is probably not Sacbies.

On the other hand, I was given a steriod to take for 5 days and a cream called clobetasol, My doctor prescribed the clobetasol solution meant for the scalp because it spreads easier then cream......it WORKS!!! I used it one day and the rash is almost gone. The bumps went down almost immediately and the rash went from red, to pink to now a lighter pink and i can bet by the end of the weekend it is gone. Aslo, she suggested clarintin over the counter allergy meds to help with the itch......i got my first full night slep in two weeks.

2. Tricalm was the only thing that helped my itch with those stupid bumps which come from nowhere price $10.00

3. Guys if you are in the same situation ask for the cream MOMETOSON FUROATE OINTMENT USP 1%. It will stop the itchyness for the moment and make all the bumps go away.

4. I started thinking it seemed like it could be some kind of reaction to something i was eating so i thought back to everything i had eaten the week before that i didn't normally eat. the only thing i had that i normally didn't was frosted mini wheats cereal so i looked at the ingredients and found something called BHT. to test my theory i tried eating some more of the frosted mini wheats and sure enough i started getting the bumps again. now i read all of the labels on my food to make sure it doesn't contain BHT. even if i chew a few pieces of gum (most of which contain BHT) i will get a few itchy bumps shorty after but if i am sure to eliminate BHT from my diet completely i don't experience them at all. the only thing that confuses me is that i used to eat foods with this preservative all the time with no problems but from the research i did i think maybe it was building up in my body and now i get a reaction every time i eat it.

.5. He told me that during his practice he saw hundreds of cases and that I am not alone. According to what he saw and learned, chronic idiopathic urticaria lasts from 6 weeks to 7 years. If it is not done after 6 weeks you are in for a long ride. Most common duration is 2 years. Your body immune system fights some infections/stress. In my case was 6 months of house remodelling mostly attic and concrete work where I got exposure to mold and dust, than birth of my kid (no sleep, stress), than my dog died from cancer (stress). Your immune system is in a very high gear, than the stress decreases, but your immune system cannot stop and keeps working. In case of urticaria the immune system does not recognize your skin and thinks it is foreign body that needs to be attacked. That is how you get all those "bug bites" swellings. Also, he told me stress can play a BIG role in this.
Urticaria is not very well understood and most doctors (if not specifically trained in it) have no clue how to fight it. My immunologist was clueless and kept having wrong approach.
What the new allergist told me is plan #1 to attack it with 200mg of hydroxyzine (50mg 4 times a day), 20mg of zyratec (2x10mg a day) and 10mg of singular once a day.
If this does not work than we will move to plan #2 prednisone for 2 weeks to shut immune system down and restart it. If that does not work that he said plan #3 is 3rd attack with chemo therapy drug that would stop hives for some time and than start with less aggressive medicine.

Hope This Helps

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