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Itchy skin with no visible signs

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  • Posted By: NathanielPrime
  • December 27, 2010
  • 06:09 PM

I have itchy skin. There is no rash or any visible sign. My itching started when several changes happened in my life - 1) I used some diatomaceous earth to get rid of bedbugs (ugh, but they're gone now), 2) I moved into another apartment that had just been sprayed for cockroaches (ugh again), 3) the seasons changed, and 4) my diet changed because of the non-availability of fresh fruit.

As I said, there are no visible signs. It is not terribly intense, but keeps me from sleeping - I often drag myself into class having got two hours of sleep. I cannot learn or perform nearly as well as normal like that and worry that I will not be able to do well at all in college unless this problem is fixed. Usually when it is bad I itch a little all over, with itchy "bursts" coming every two to fifteen minutes, depending. Having the wrong kinds of fabrics pressing up against my skin definitely make it worse, but it itches even when nothing is against my skin.

The allergist tested me for food allergies, and all were negative. The dermatologist had no idea at all. The GP had lots of blood work done - gluten intolerance, liver function, iron levels... the only thing unusual was my level of eosinophils, which were high (60 of some unit, then 30 about a month later when I had more blood work done. 30 is high but pretty close to normal, I believe. There was no improvement in my symptoms during this time).

I have tried using skin moisturizers, avoiding soaps/creams/moisturizers, changing detergents, avoiding highly processed foods, taking shorter and cooler showers, eating or avoiding several foods that I suspected might be related (no change)... the only thing that seemed to help was avoiding my apartment, but now that I've gone back home for Christmas (and have a new condo to return to after Christmas), my itching is back and almost as bad as ever. It sometimes gets better for a few days with no pattern I can see -it did that during my move to my new condo, started to return the morning before I left, and then got worse over the past two days while I've been at home across the country for Christmas.

If it matters, I also have intermittent diarrhea, starting several months before my skin began to itch.

I've been trying for the last two months to solve this problem, but it feels like I'm chasing ghosts. So many possible causes, but none of them I see that match my symptom profile. None of the five or so doctors/NPs/etc. I've seen have any idea what to do. What is wrong with me?!?

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