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itchy bumps on hand & red lip lump.. SJS? Anthrax? Herpes?

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  • Posted By: charliecat
  • October 21, 2006
  • 04:21 PM

One week from today, a small red lump formed on my lip. At first, it was raised and slightly tingled, located in the top, left curve/point my upper lip. I immediately thought it was my first cold sore and began treating it with lysine, Releev brand treatment, and Chamophenique, a cold-sore drying agent.

The next day, small tiny bumps had begun to form near it, also on the upper left side of my upper lip. The treatments were drying the spots where applied to my lip but the bumps didn't expand, open, weep or evolve in any other way.

Three days later, I developed a small cluster of raised, itchy bumps on the top of both hands. The patches are small and have very similar shapes: The bumps first appeared on both hands in the form of a tiny triangle, and 6 even smaller bumps eventually raised in vicinity to the main triangle on each hand. They are red and itch profusely, but don't weep and aren't very tender other than the itching sensation.

The lip lumps continued to dry from the topical treatments and while washing my face, the largest dry patch where the inital lump had formed, peeled off: the skin underneath is slightly dry and sensitive, but there was no lump, open/closed lesion or rash left behind.

I have been sick with cold symptoms, headache, sinus, cough and fatigue for 2 weeks, which began a week before the duration of this condition, continued during it, and am now getting better. I am very thin and was not eating well the week prior to the bumps.. I did however manage to eat A LOT of funsize chocolate candy bars, in fact.. that's ALL I ate for about 1 week (oops).

In the past 2 years, I have had 2 skin rashes caused by allergic reactions to sulphur-based drugs, and my last case produced target-shaped lesions all over my body (over 1 yr ago)..Doctors said I could be developing Stevens-Johnson Syndrome; they advised me to avoid all sulphur drugs, which I have done. When I started getting sick though, I self-medicated my bronchitis & cold symptoms with Eurythromycin that was given to me by a dermatologist to alleviate acne.. he told me it would also fight bronchitis and it had always worked in the past, but not this time...

Now I'm a nervous, itchy mess. My skin momentarily itches all over, like a second of that "skin crawling" sensation, but it could just be my dry skin, the weather, and mostly.. my nerves! But the bumps do concern me. I make ceramic items and use lithium carbonate and occasionally use glazes with soluble lead, which has made contact with my bare hands on at least 20 occasions over 6 years, but I try to avoid contact and wash it off immediately when it does touch my skin. I also never use sunscreen and tanned a lot this summer on my roof in new york, for an hour at a time @ noon. I am fair skinned but haven't suffered a bad sunburn in over a year.

Any info or ideas that I should mention to my doctor this monday would be greatly appreciated.

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