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I think I might have molluscum..

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  • Posted By: airmech27
  • December 8, 2008
  • 04:03 AM

well, I noticed I had two small "bumps" on the top of penis about halfway down the shaft. Close together but not touching, and not extremely visible, but noticable to me. They did not have any other symptoms other than that I noticed them existing. They were about a millimeter each.. sort of made me think of pimples, though that seemed weird. I immediately showed my partner and made an appointment to get checked out. We had had some unprotected penetration on one occasion and some unprotected contact, but usually always used protection, and she was pretty sure she was clean. Either way, I thought it best to go see the doc. This was Sunday Nov. 2nd.

I had my appointment Friday Nov. 7th, and by then the bumps seemed even less visible and to be fading, though I could point them out. The Dr. did not think them to be anything to worry about and said probably just from some irritant or abrasion. I was tested and the HSV2 test came back negative with IgG antibodys at 0.12.
I then went about my normal life, the bumps seemed to have been fading more everytime I would remeber to take a look for them, and mostly I forgot.

Well, thanksgiving morning, Nov. 27th, I noticed a prickle of rouchness on the side of my penis just below the head. I looked to see what appeared to be 2 or 3 or so bumps, at first glance, with 2 of them having just the tiniest pin ****k of a scab in the center. This was what I felt with my fingertips and had initially caught my attention. The "scabs" looked like tiny little dark dots in the center of these slightly raised bumps.
As I began to observe, and subsiquently freak out over the next few days or so, I began to see more bumps either appearing or becoming apparant to me. Also, at least one of my original bumps seemed to be coming back to visibility, and I also noticed two or so on the other side of my penis, in the same general as those on the right. These bumps (aside from the originals) are all in the 'scar tissue' area where the foreskin was removed at birth, just below the head. I have noticed more bumps start to scab, and other bumps seem to 'peak' and well as new bumps seeming to be developing. If the skin is streched taunt, they all seem to have an obvious whiteish center, with the most developed bumps having the biggest, and the scabbed ones seeming to be empty. The new bumps, or spots that appear to yet start to turn into bumps, have tiny round pearls the size of a pin ****k under the skin.

I also noticed, at some point after noticing these bumps for a day or so, that I had some bumps on my abdomen below my belly button. Perhaps 10 or so, and they all look very uniform. Small, round, slightly pinker bumps. They also seem to appear "shiny" to me but that might just be my eyes. They don't quite look the same as the ones on my penis, but they are on a different, more standard type of skin as well. I popped two or so of them in curiosty after noticing them, and they did pop, and produced some blood. They dried up and are still very red at this point, about a week later.

Upon doing research, the most obvious seems to be either molluscum, or genital warts. If the bumps on my abdomen are indeed related, I would lean even more towards molluscum, at least according to the information I have been comign across.

I read that apple cider vinegar is useful in treating molluscum and warts, so I thought I would see what happened. I first applied some vinegar on Monday, Dec. 1st. It did appear that the larger, most developed bumps turned a bit "white" and also seemed to sting or burn a little. I had read that this could be a sign of warts, but also that other things can turn "white" as well, and figured mollucum might be one of those. I also put some on the ones on my abdomen, but to no apparant reation. I don't know if that denotes a difference in what is on my abdomen from waht is on my penis, or just taht the skin that is hosting it is less sensitive. I then began, on Tues Dec 2nd, to wet some gauze and wrap my penis in them before bed. This burned like ***l on the right side area (the side with the most bumps) and, to a lesser extent, on the left side bumps. The burning usually subsides after half an hour or so, usually before I fall assleep. I also wet the area of my abdomen, but did not leave anything soaked in vinegar in contact with that area all night, as it hasn't been as convenient. That area never has felt any effect from it. I have done this every night to this point, except for friday night, as I was out of gauze. Also, during the day, I have noticed some sensitivity in the area when it contacts my clothes, but only occasionally. This is, of course, all a product of the vinegar, I feel safe to say. By friday, most of the bumps had scabbed over, though there still appear to be some newer ones that don't look as "healthy" but are not scabbing yet. When I put the gauze on last night (Dec. 6th) it did not seem to burn really at all. I have to admit that this morning, I gave into temptation and had protected sx with my partner. She is well aware of the stress this is causing me, but she really does not feel like it is anything so serious as I do. At any rate, the condom must have caused some friction, and mostly all the scabs had let go. The areas are now a smoother, darker red color where the scabs ahd been (much like a scar.. basically that's what they are). There are still a few scabs and a few bumps that have not had enough of the vinegar yet, but I will continue the treatment at this point. I plan to try to put some vinegar on my abdomen over night and see what happens with that, if anything.

I do have an appointment already scheduled with a urologist for Dec. 31st for another unrelated reason, so I will speak with him about it then. (cyst behind my right testicle that sometimes gets irritated.. this actaully flared up right before my first apointment for testing and so I ahd it checked out as well and they set up the appointment after an ultrasound.)

On side note, my partner has had a round pink raised growth about the diameter of a pencil eraser or a little smaller on her left upper arm, about midway from elbow to shoulder. I was talking to her about the effects of vinegar and the uses I had discovered online, and she thought "why not" let's try it on her arm as well. I soaked a cotton ball and put it under a bandaid tuesday night. Just after one night, it began to look like it was dying. It turned darker and seemed to have shrunken. I believe we also did it thursday night, though I can't remeber if she kept it on all night as after a half hour or so she said it felt "dry" and "funny" and wanted to take it off. However, I forget if she decided to tough it out or removed it. At any rate, she told me the scab had come off today, and I looked at it. It was completely gone, it appears, and had left a dark spot, sort of a scar, much like where my scabs had been.. though the skin is obviously very different.

I really am not sure what to think.. but either way I'm sure trying to allocate all these thoughts down in order in text is, if nothing else, helpful to my own mental health! Thanks for reading!

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