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I am finally free of Molluscum!

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  • Posted By: Surfferman
  • March 29, 2010
  • 03:40 AM


It has been almost 2 months now without even the slightest sign of another breakout and I think I have finally beat this thing. It hasn’t been easy; the psychological effects of knowing you have a disease are a lot to handle. Especially when it is in a sensitive area such as the genitals, like mine was. I’m not saying this is the correct way to fight molluscum, but it worked for me and didn’t require some tree oil crap, or acid washes.

I contracted MC from an unknown source. I believe I got it from having a “random hookup” with a girl immediately after shaving my genitals. She never contracted any symptoms of this, but I honestly doubt the girl would own up to it even if she had it so I still don’t know for sure how I got it. It started out looking like a mole, but then a lot more small ones started to form, and before I knew it, I had 8 of those suckers. I FINALLY went to the doctor’s office where they did a biopsy of one of the larger ones. I then went and got a full blood screen to make sure I didn’t have HPV or AIDS or anything of that nature. I was clean, and the results came back saying I did in fact have MC. They prescribed me Aldara which cost me around 500 dollars even with my insurance deducted (EXPENSIVE SH!T). I did the Aldara like I was prescribed, but it did close to nothing.

After using the Aldara for weeks on end, and nothing happening, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I decided I was going to pop one of the big ones and find out what was inside. I took a lot of time in doing this, because of how easily it can spread I made sure to sterilize everything and wash my hands thoroughly before and after opening the MC up.

I found out that on the inside of the large ones is just inflamed tissue. There is no puss or anything, and has the same consistency of a large zit (without the puss). BUT, there is a very small “core” which the molluscum grows in. Much like popping a zit, the molluscum will not die until you get rid of the core. The easiest way to get to the core is to use a needle and cut the very top of the MC. Use your fingers to squeeze at the base of the MC and get as much blood out as you can. At this point you will only be getting a few drops which won’t come out unless you squeeze on it hard. Do your best to get some of the tissue out of the top. I used tweezers to pinch the tissue and take a little bit out at a time. It honestly didn’t hurt since it was so inflamed in the first place. Continue to pinch at the base like you were popping a zit. Eventually it will turn purple/blue which means you’re almost done. Now comes the tricky part, you will need to get the core out by putting the tweezers in it and find it. To me, removing tissue over and over makes it easier to find in the end. Pinch, remove, pinch, remove, etc… its hard to spot the core because its so small, but it will look like a mini lima bean about half the size of a piece of rice. Its white and a little more dense than the surrounding tissue. Once you do find the core, the MC will begin to bleed faster and on its own. You will have to put some tissue paper or something on it to make it clot up. And you’re done! It will scab over within a day and the swelling will reside within a week.

I tackled the big ones first and I wish I hadn’t. There is so much inflammation that it’s hard to tell what is what. TAKE OUT THE SMALL ONES FIRST. If you see a small one starting, stretch out the skin and you will see a small white dot/puss ball looking thing. THAT’S THE CORE. When they are young and just forming, the core is very near the surface, so it’s easier to pick out. Practice on those first before you take out the big ones.

Herbal teas are a joke. And the medication doesn’t help at all. There is currently no KNOWN CURE FOR MC. If tree oil was an easy cure, don’t you think we would all be using that right now??? Don’t be fooled into paying 500 dollars like I did, just pop those suckers and get on with your life

I only have one scar from all of this, and it is from the one the doctors biopsied so you have no need to worry about unsightly scars. I have no trace of them so it worked perfectly for me. If you feel like you need to wait it out and go by the doctor’s orders, by all means go for it! Enjoy spending the next 2 years of your life with that crap on you. If you want it gone, nip it in the butt when it’s young. This of course if only my theory, so don’t expect it to be an absolution to the problem. But, I am molluscum free!!!

If you have any questions, please let me know. I’ll try to check back as often as I can.

Good Luck!

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