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HELP, No diagnosis, lesions, test come up with nothing, i have holes torso face!

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  • Posted By: marie23
  • November 1, 2013
  • 11:13 AM

I have multiple lesions on my stomach , large one surrounded by small. It started when i had my forever blackhead that i clean out by barely squeezing with cleaned hot towel, pops out done it for years. i have to back up. i had a brazillan wax in april, went to hawaii got edema from heat and had 3nasty staph sores, folliculitis doc put me on antibiotics. miserable week having it come to a boil and having to sqeeze to release pain and liquidy pus. i know shouls not touched it. I got home went to derm , asked her to lance or at least get the infected core out. oh i wont jusu antibiotics anf mupricin. they heales over stil infected under. i am not a picker , went to my reg derm, in 4 minutes he gave me an antifungus and refused to lance. at this point they were large,in my lymph nodes and he gave a antifungal that stung like ey were swollen and one was round with sharplike whiteheads. so in 5 min he scooted me out as fast as he could , nice 300$ he made in 5 min.I am following direction, no pick , antibiotics bandaid. No relief my reg gp says same as i had to go in from what i thought was a pressure sore as i tore my acchilles right after hawaii. it kept draining and i could feel a hair painful in middle. i had him pluck it it was gray ish white and sharp. now that blackhead has turned into a sore quarter size and it had those shrp whiteheads and a small lession starting next to it ,the large sore was orange peel like and hade a black nodule in the center. back to derm, by this point they spread to my torso and right breast. I was freaking out. they hah raised edges around , purplish. i cleaned my breat to see a pustule on my areola iplucked it like a hair and a long clear stringy thing came out! with some little brownish thing. Oh, god forbid i saved it as it was "wormlike" and little black hairs started to grow out of my chin and started staph like lesions there. Yeah watch what you say to those dermatologists that read an article onthe psychology of picking and you collected a sample , In record time this derm with no psych background in just under 5 min said i had possible morgellons or some delusional picking disorder. I get botox facials and do not enjoy self harm, she knew me a year and allof a sudden what she cant diagnose a bacteria i am nuts. At this point i had red round lesion on my breast. a stringy thing , that yes moved, i freaked as i was bit by a spider the week before. but no she did not addrss that. ok now this has been 2 months , her diagnosis is in my chart, not one ER will help, i have now two open holes in my righr breast, lesions that are now have 4 holes . 2 on my jaw where long white stringy fatty things come out. not one dr xrayed, opened one of the hard pouches of whatever, wound nurses at my home not cleanin these hole . and yes i finally got sick of it and followed diredtions on one of these med wound sites and out of them were fatty long white yes a few moved , but i am no doc so nope i am afraid to say parasite. oh yeah dont says wounds, that means self harm. Not one doc except my gp tried to help. i went to what was one od socals best hospitals , treated like horribly and told he would not call a specialist. and why was i hear for scabs. i took bandage off for cleaning and blood gushed out, so my fiance got me to the ER asap. he was rude theEr said i wasnt an emergency er treated so poorly with a highend ppo and approved days inpatient. he actually said nope not calling anyone youare are not an emergency. by this time my breast was purple black. I left in tears. this has happened at another er , i have an open pressure sore, many lesions with holes to the fatty tissue, grayish black some and stinky leakage. i cry everynight i clean and bandage. i dont pick or touch, until on my face a scab came off and blackish tarlike stink dead whatever came out. at the same time a tiny tear under my jaw opened and white longish ??? came out. i woke up today with a brown lesion on my lip. my gp did a mri and found i have lesions on my liver. i was in what was suppose to be the best hospital in LA 2 weeks ago had my insuranece preauthorized and they loaded me with morphine, i had to stop that, i thought they were going to open these hard lumps. My gp just got the mri, i have 2 more to to. same as all, no diagnosis , no help, suffering, and all this mri ct scan were available at this hospital, on the 3 rd day the dischrge guy yelled at me and the nurse to discharge me, they needed the bed for some that really needed it. i cry everynight, i have holes , weird white ball type out of these holes, i take a bleach bath which gives me some relief. i work for a major transportation company that is super mad at the way i have been treated. that 3day stay , they were already paid $23,000' not one incision, brought in a psych doc and 2 general practicing, they told mt fiance he was an infectious specialist. I dont know what to do. i cant get admitted unless i get a referral, another week they say. since i left the hospital i have a lesion on my forehead that had a little white thing in the middle, i grabbed it and brownish liquid came out. i have to see some infectious specialist when they can fit me in. I am at a loss, i found this site and thought wow others have somethings like me. i am in the travel industy i am exposed to all kinds of stiff. i havent worked in 3 months. my reg gp thinks my silicone implants are leaking,others dont. the pain is so bad at times. i am not crazy , delusional or look to mangle my skin i spend alot of$$ and time to look attractive. WTF is with this. i am sorry so long, i just had a lesion open and more stuff came out. in tears, no support , either dont believe me or they dont want to catch it. what do i do. I suffer from depression And have worked hard for my whole life to rcover from that, i am holding it together with the help of my psych, who knows i am not a picker. but once they saw i had a "mental" illness they ran with it even over the dr thats treated me for the last 5 years. anyone have any suggestions. by the way in socal all the hospitals records are connected and they pin me as a mental case from what my case manager said, she is furious. i have my case manager at bcbs on my side and i have gone to an attorney, but with no diagnosis they wont help.. in 3 months my life has fallen apart. Each lesion has similarities and others look different. its like mutiple bacteria. sorry so long but it was writing here or cry all night. thanks for anyone that reads this. oh sorry if i reprat my first mri has showed lesions on my liver which couldve been revealed weeks ago. i have lots of pics of this to i have documented:(:(apologize for spelling errors)

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