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Granuloma=Lyme Conundrum

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  • Posted By: danielle76
  • August 4, 2011
  • 07:23 AM

Please don't think that I have jumped on the Lyme disease bandwagon and want to blame everything for Lyme disease. What I am about to tell you is the real deal!

I have GA and I received an MS diagnosis last year. (I never was 100% confident about my diagnosis, for various boring reasons that I won't go into here.) Anyway, if I reach back into my history, I can recall getting a bite on my leg in 2005 that was unusually red and round like a bulls-eye. I felt kind of sick with a low grade fever and general malaise at the time, but I thought that I was just allergic to the bite.

Long story short, evidence of the bite stuck around for an unusual amount of time. In the year following getting the bite, I started to develop joint pain in my ankles. (I was tested for RA multiple times and always came out negative.) I also started to develop GA. Then, around 2007, I started developing more health issues, such as neuropathy, light headedness and memory issues. After suffering for a long time (and never thinking that the GA was related to the symptoms), I got an MRI that showed some lesions in the white matter on my brain. Within a short amount of time, I was rushed into a MS diagnosis.

My "MS" symptoms sort of lessoned on their own after a while (without any MS drugs!) and I was able to focus more closely on my GA. That was when I started to notice that my GA was getting worse (and that eating potatoes made it A LOT worse). It is now all over the joints of my body. My elbows and the ankle where I was originally bit are the worst.

I know that Lyme disease has become a sort of "fad" diagnosis, BUT it really isn't a fad in the case of GA. When researchers biopsy GA and look at it under a microscope, they can actually see the bacteria that causes Lyme disease within the tissue.

Check out the report here: http://ibmi.mf.uni-lj.si/acta-apa/acta-apa-08-4/4.pdf

Another report shows how treatment with the same antibiotic regimen that cures leprosy (another nasty bacteria) can heal GA:

My next challenge is to find a doc that will biopsy test me for Lyme and prescribe ROM treatment. I am positive that it will work and I will keep you all posted.

I know this is a terribly frustrating condition and I hope that all of you will find the info that I provided helpful. Please keep me posted and I will do the same.

Thank you!

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