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Erythema Annulare Centrifugium

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 5, 2008
  • 10:49 PM

Hello fellow EAC sufferers,

I have had Erythema Annularae Centrifugium for over 10 years now, although it was misdiagnosed until just a few months ago. I was told I had a systemic fungal infection (AKA ringworm) and would probably have the nasty and contagious fungus for the rest of my life. This was quite distressing news for a newly single 30-something. After taking every anti-fungal medication for 5 years and probably killing half of my liver in the process, I finally gave up and resolved myself to living with ringworm rather than dating. 10 years later, I find out it is EAC. Not a contagious fungus (great news!) but it may be caused by something more serious like cancer or lupus or a zillion other malicious diseases.

After spending a week in an internet-searching state of maniacal hypochondria trying to diagnose my underlying disease, I finally accepted my doctors advice and decided not worry about it. He ordered some tests to rule out the worst (which I am still working through) and so far I do not have hodgkins disease, thyroid disease, or HIV. I have accepted the fact that most people never find out the underlying cause and try not to worry about it.

My EACs symptoms are as follows: each patch seems to itch severely for the first year or two while it is expanding, then it turns into a really deep ache under my skin. In the last several years, I also have developed an "achey" sort of malaise or fatigue that affects my whole body. I just get "achey" all over, it lasts for a few months, and then it seems to go away. Oh, and my hands and feet swell up for no apparent reason. I have no idea if my "achey" fatigue is related to the EAC, but I feel like it is. Several others EAC sufferers have posted that they have irritable bowl syndrome. I do however I have never considered it related to my skin. I just can not eat broccoli, bell peppers, and certain fibrous veggies.

So now that I know what it is, I focus on controlling the symptoms. Over the years (when I thought it was ringworm) I tested EVERY home remedy I heard about. What works for me is UVB light treatment, Ketoconazole cream, and a low carb diet. I also take a lot of advil. I also take a ton of vitamin b (all of them), c, D, E,iron, and, omega 3.

A came up with a super inexpensive UV light treatment that anyone can afford (around $25 at the pet store). You need a UVB reptile light bulb (same as you would use in a lizard cage), a light socket with a clamp, and eye protection goggles. I use it for about 15-20 minutes and it works wonders. I know that UVB can cause skin cancer, but so can UVA, red dye# 1, red meat, and my cell phone. I really don't care because this light treatment works so well for me that it is worth the risk. The light stops the itching, the aching, and seems to give me some sort of energy. Maybe I am part lizard...who knows!

I take advil every day now, as the "achey fatigue" seems to creep up on me when I don't.

The low carb diet works well for me though I have no idea why. I do really well on a high protein diet with supplements to make up for my lack of veggies. But when I overdose on cake and ice cream, I get very lethargic and my rash turns firey red and starts to itch like crazy. I think my blood sugar jumps and it affects the rash. I have read that there is a connection between pre diabetes and EAC.

Anyways, I hope that these details are helpful to others. This is a stressful disease. In fact, they will probably do some test and tell us that EAC is caused by stress. LOL. It is a mystery. All I know is that it could be worse, and I am thankful that it's not. Plenty of people on the planet suffer far worse than I do with this rash of circles.


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