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Don't think it's a boil or MRSA, other options??

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  • Posted By: helpplease012
  • May 16, 2011
  • 03:09 PM

I am in pain! I have read about this possibly being a boil or MRSA but it doesn't look like the pictures I find online. Here's the story, I'll try to condense it.....

I'm a 24 yr old female who is 5'4" and 210, so yes I'm overweight, but honestly not so bad that I am self concious about it. Today it's the worse, I have a red/purple/dark spot about the size of a nickel on the inside of my thigh, (where my thigh touches the other thigh) I dont normally shave my thighs so I know this is not from shaving. It has progressively gotten worse in the past couple weeks but overall I think it has probably been there for about a month or so ((it almost was like it came and went, that's why, down further, I blamed it on my jeans rubbing my thigh fat).

I can barely touch it to now to put neosporin (sp?) on it without wincing in pain. I did this this morning and put a non stick gauze on it because yesterday I put a bandaid on it so it wouldn't rub against my jeans, and took the bandaid off and there was a tiny (bout the size of a pin head) dot of blood on it but no where that I could see on my thigh looked like it was open and/or bleeding. There is no head so no way to pop anything but it hurts SO BAD when I touch it/rubs agains my jeans/work pants. I shower every single morning.

In the beginning I though it was from me crossing my legs in jeans (I would put my left ankle on my right knee and a couple times I did that it felt like my thigh fat got caught in the jeans and it pulled it, so I thought it was some sort of jean burn. I have been careful not to rub my jeans across it anymore than I have to but it's hard to prevent that when walking.

What could this be? The boils I see all come to head, there is absolutly no white/puss looking head in this area, it is strickly red on the outside from irritation and dark purple as if scarring/bruise/burn would look. HELP! After reading all of these posts online I'm freaking out about to cry because everything online makes it seems SO much worse than it is. I'm trying to get this done on my own w/o having to go to the dr. since my deductible is so high, but if that's what it takes, I'll do it. Suggestions? Thanks in advance!!!

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