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chest rash ive had for over 5 years

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 16, 2007
  • 09:46 PM

first off let me start out by telling you what it looks like.. i have these small red bumbs that pop up around the center of chest. the bumbs dont ich nor pop. in the 5 years ive had this condition it has not spread from my chest..

about 8 years ago.. i had gotten something i think i contracted from the gym called moluscum..(not sure if i spelt that right) i had this on my penis.. i was about 18 years of age.. the doctor told me i probly got it from touching the weights and then taking a piss without washing my hands...because at that time i was not sexually active.. when i contacted moluscome on my penis i freaked out and removed all the bumps on my own with a nail clipper.. i know thats pretty sick but i was alittle crazy in the head at the time and didnt know what to do.. so anyway the bumps went away.. never saw them again and the doctor told me i had gotten rid of them.. 2 years later i had gotten lymes.. before i knew i had it i had gotten it... i had gotten a few rasied bumps that i couldnt get to go away.. they formed in s stright line down my chest about 4 of them. so at that point of them not going away i cut them out of my skin. months later the scars healed pretty well and couldnt tell anything had happened.. at that point i had gotten test from lymes and sure enuff had it... so i took doxicycline for a month and then got test again.. they said i didnt have it.. a week or 2 after taking the medication i started to get these bumbs again.. now i started to freak out.. i was thinking i was in the clear... so i went to a doctor and the doctor misdiagnosed it as moluscum wich i already knew it wasnt.. so i treated it like that for a 2 years.. it had gotten alot worse.. theses were bumbs all over the center of my chest.. i then started doing anything and everything to get these bumps to go away...i took all typse of ********t medication that didnt work.. i then started using this acne cream called benzaclin wich worked pretty good.. it would dry the bumps up and semi faltten them out.. it would controll this condition a little bit here and there.. but never really got rid of what i was facing..i stoped taking it cause i coulnt afford it anymore after 2 years of taking it and 100 dollars a bottle.. in this time the chest rash has come and go.... it hasnt gone away and started to get worse again... this summer i thought i was done with it.. i spent allot of time by my self sun bathing trying to burn them off my chest.. that dindt work.. as soon as fall hit it started breaking out again.. this ***t has to go away.. it has *****d me up in the head really bad.. im lucky to have the girl i have who doesnt judge me for it.. some one please help me.. this condition has *****d up every aspect of my life.. i need this to go away.. all i wanna do is take my shirt off in the summer with out having the be self concious.. pleae help me.. please!

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