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An ongoing problem

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  • Posted By: odmanout
  • April 6, 2010
  • 02:00 AM

I'm a 26 year old male and I have been experiencing pain in my right testicle for almost 10 years now. The testicle stays in raised position at most times and there is a lump at the apex where I believe is the epididymis. 2 urologists have failed to find this lump but I discovered its more noticeable when aroused. Since then i discovered many lipomas (so my doctor says) though out my entire body. The entire right side of my body aches and over the years the pain has moved slowly from my testicle to my head. Even tough those squishy little lumps are all over my body the pain is only on the right side. More specifically the corner of my right jaw, neck, ear, inside of my jaw, chest, along the outside of my ribs (not neccessarily the actual ribs) my back (spine) my hip and testicle all of which is on the right side. There are also hard lumps on a few spots in my neck and inside my jaw which my doctor said are bone spurs (mind you these spots are more painful and sore to the touch). Now they are slowly appearing on the left side, mirroring the same spots on the right. Im beginning to feel pain in my left side by these spots as well but the pain is still far worse on the right side. This same pain is running down my arm to my joints like my fingers, elbow, and shoulder. I get headaches on and off that I feel has been the same one for the past 8 months and still only on the right side of my head and neck. Now my right eyeball is beginning to ache like my testicle does. My hearing deadens for a few minutes at a time randomly, almost as if I just fired a large rifle with no ear protection, and when this happens I get a little dizzy, so maybe I'm developing vertigo. I've had so many tests performed my doctors last suggestion was to see a psychiatrist for an anxiety evaluation and the psychiatrist said I was fine even though I do have some symptoms like insomnia and constantly feeling like im jacked up on espresso. These prior tests include 2 CT scans, one from my knees to my chest, and the other from my chest to my eyeballs. An ultrasound on my right testicle. An endoscopy and colonoscopy. Countless amounts of blood tests including STD tests, blood-cell count, one that looks for infection or other things of that nature and several others that I can't specifically remember at this moment. I've seen a Urologist, Gastro-Internal Specialist, several family doctors and an Eye Nose Ear and Throat specialist and all say Im perfectly healthy. I know Im not crazy and the pain that I feel is real. One doctor did suggest epididymitus but we tried 3 different antibiotics that didn't work. I feel like these symptoms are connected though most doctors think that the idea is ridiculous. Is there anyone out there with a suggestion?

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