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Shoulder pain for 5+ yrs and no one knows why....

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  • Posted By: J_Byrd
  • August 23, 2008
  • 06:43 PM

I have posted this in the "tell us about your medical history" too and saw a place for just mainly shoulders and figured I post it here too! I hope someone can help...I'm female 21 years of age if that helps...

Hello everyone! I am new to this website which my mom actually sent to me to see if anyone has been through what I have been going through from most of my life. I will warn you that this may be long but that is just to ensure I have left nothing out since one little detail could solve the whole thing. Well first off I think it might have something to do with what happen when I was in the 5th grade. We were on a field trip and stopped at a park before we went back to school for lunch. I went immediately to the See-Saw (it was my fav... was). I played on it for a few turns but then grew tired. Before I could get off the See-Saw a larger child came and plopped themselves on the other side (mind you I was halfway off at this point). Well when that kid did that I was flung into the air and then landed on my right shoulder. Of course, it was broken. The doctor had told me I was lucky to break it where I broke it. I had to wear a body sling. For those of you who aren't familiar with that, it is a regular sling but instead of wearing it like a refular one I had to have my arm strapped to my torso. So I looked like I had no arm haha!

Well skipping forward. Everything seemed to have healed. I don't really remember having too much trouble with my shoulder until middle school about the eighth grade maybe. It got difficult to wear my book bag strap on my shoulder. That progressed into highschool until I could no longer wear the strap at all. I remember that one time I actually hurt it (shoulder) again when I stupidily jumped from a four wheeler while it was in motion, but it was going pretty slow. And then a couple of years later I hurt it trying to scare my mother at night while she was feeding the horses. I tripped over a root that I didn't even see and landed on my shoulder skidding on it a couple of times. I actually had to place it back into the sling for a couple of days. My mom said I looked like a football player that had just been tackled...But I scared her! :p Anyways the pain got progressively worse through highschool. It got harder to do most daily activities. And during all this I will point out I did not see a doctor for it because I had OTHER mysterious illness's that seemed more urgent then this chronic pain.

But when I finally got my other illness's out of the way we finally thought it was time to see the doctor about my shoulder. I've had numerous X-rays, MRI's three times (once with the dye) and I've had a CT scan as well. I think those are all...I've so many different tests for other illness's I can't remember which is which haha!! Anyways, of course like what always happens....Nothing out of the ordinary showed up. I began to think I was going crazy, that my mind is just imagining this pain...It is hard to go to doctor to doctor and be told the SAME thing over and over. "Nothing seems out of the ordinary". There HAS to be a reason why I am in so much pain...

Here are my symptoms:

1. Pain in shoulder, near collarbone and spreads down my shoulder blade sometimes. Mostly the pain resides around where the collarbone meets the shoulder. Also it is tender when doctors press on it...and they do! (ugh I hate that! They make the pain worse..I actually almost cried one time)
2. The pain is 9 times out 10 constant.
3. It ranges from stabbing, dull, burning, and sharp. Sometimes it stretches to my elbow but that is rare.
4. Hurts worse when I look down and sometimes to my right.
5. Hurts to put on my bra or to reach behind my back.
6. Hurts to reach across my body or outward or above.
7. Hurts to lift most heavy things.
8. Sometimes it hurts to bend down to pick something up.
9. It pops regularly. Sometimes very loud (which hurt the worse and seem to make the pain worse).
10. I can't sit at a computer desk for too long because it start hurting really bad.
11. I can't stand or walk for too long because of it.
12. I can't sleep or lay on my right side because of it.
13. Hurts to push up with it.
14. Sometimes I have to even push my bra strap down because it begins to hurt.
15. It seems to feel better if I support it.
16. Sometimes if I lay on my left side and have my right arm placed along my side and breath I can feel either my shoulder or elbow or maybe both popping out of place almost...I mean that is what it feels like. Everytime I take a breath in it seems to "pop out" and when I exhale it seems to "pop in".

I think that is everything...I might have left some things out but I can't really remember it right now. Currently I am going to the doctor to try this machine. I do it two to three times a week for 25 minutes and I have to do it 20 times. It is called an IDD machine... They have tested my nerves and found out I have nerve damage in my neck and they "think" that is the problem...I'm not so sure because I have done this machin about 16 times and so far nothing has changed... I have had a cortizone shot and it only helped for a day. I have tried steriods, and inflammatory medication and nothing seems to help. So if ANYONE has an inkling of what it could be I will be soooo thankful! I'm just tired of having this pain EVERYDAY! Not able to enjoy life....I can't even clean my OWN stall...I always feel helpless and I am tired of feeling like this. And I know this was long but really this is a short summary of half my painful life...

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