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Anterior/Posterior Shoulder pain, 19 years old

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 7, 2010
  • 10:42 PM

To start off I will describe my stats, I am 5'11, 170 pounds, with an above average wingspan, it is much longer than I am tall, by about 4-6 inches, I have an above average muscular physique, but not shockingly muscular.

I have been having shoulder pain since about two and a half years ago. It all started after about one and a half years of bodybuilding, I was young and dumb and strained myself treating my body like an adults in the gym. It was not until after I started experiencing slight pain that I realized I needed to start lifting smart and taking rest periods, stretching, etc.

So the pain escalated, going from minor pain in my posterior (back) delts after chest day, and anterior(front) delt pain after chest and other heavy upper body workout days. The pain slowly got worse, but never got unbearable, I slowed working out down and got in and out of weight gain phases, at the end of each pain would eventually return at full capacity and I would stop for a good amount of time.

Now days I have not weight lifted or done bodybuilding for a little over a year now, and I love stand up jet ski riding and rock climbing as of now, they are my two passions and they give me pain also. The shoulder pain along the way went from every now and then-to every day, the pain goes down a lot when I am not doing strenuous activities around those times, but say the day after rock climbing, I will feel anterior pain the next day and other times I will experience posterior pain. After jet ski riding it is almost always anterior pain(back of deltoids) that occurs.

The pain however is never intolerable, whether the pain is after activity, or light pain in every day activity it is almost always just highly irritating, and never unbearable. The pain feels like a strain. Back when I first started experiencing pain it would sometimes occur during a fast jerking movement and would leave my shoulder immobile for a few days and in real pain, but since I stopped bodybuilding I have not experienced immobilizing pain, its just irritating and makes me worried about my future since I am only 19 years old.

That is my story, now I will fill in some holes and get further into it with bullet points

-I have been told by my medical doctor that it was just irritated and to do rotator cuff exercises and lift lightly for a couple weeks (this was when the pain was starting to arise after bodybuilding) I tried the rest, and exercises and no help. Pain never really subsided or got better, sometimes it would seem the exercises were working then the pain would come back, a lot of times during exercises.

-I have also visited a chiropractor who said the exact same things, but went through the rotator cuff exercises with me differently and did some hands on with my shoulder. But after a while the exercises just seemed to agitate the pain.

-I then saw a shoulder specialist, who said i had loose joints and my long reach and wingspan put more strain on my shoulders and rotator cuffs, however he also told me to do the exercises and that I should be fine to lift heavy weights. The exercises again did not work, the lifting only hurt and strained my shoulders.

-Rotator cuff exercises feel good sometimes and bad others, I have yet to continue them for over 3 or so weeks.
-Sleeping on my sides seems to cause them to be irritated the next day, even sleeping normally or belly down is irritating sometimes.
-The pain seems to have been initially from premature weight lifting, and has not subsided or gone away after eliminating bodybuilding all together as of a year and a half ago.
-It is steady, never immobilizing or unbearable, cuff exercise seem not to help, I do a lot of reaching, pulling, and pushing movements in the sports I partake in, irritation usually follows.

-Recently I have started to feel the shoulder pain following down my arm into my hand. When I feel anterior pain I can sometimes feel it through my elbow and down to the back of my hand in the middle/middle finger area.

That is all the info I have, I have been keeping a messy journal to help write this, I apologize for the amount of info, but I worry every day, and just want this pain gone, does anybody have an idea of what I may have?

Thank you

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