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Worried about HIV

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 3, 2008
  • 07:48 PM

I havent told anyone about this for the past 3 years. I am unsure whether I may be HIV+. I had protected sex with a go-go girl 3 years ago and engaged in anal fingering with her. About 2 weeks later I felt really ill with a few days of diahorrea, general malaise and a thick white coat on my tongue. The doctor said it could be vitamin deficiency and prescribed some vitamin pills to boost my immunity. I had been under a huge amount of stress from work - unrelated to the sexual encounter. Ever since I have never felt the same as I did. I get tired easily. Yawn alot. The two things that have changed recently from that time I had sex and felt unwell - I had the white coat on my tongue and an accelerated heart rate. Over the 3 years I've been checked by at least 3 doctors. I have even had a heart check up to see why my heart rate was so fast - I had never had this prior to the sexual encounter. That test came back 'normal'.
About 4 months ago my tongue returned to its normal colour and my heart rate has also de-accelerated to what feels like how it used to be pre-3 years ago.
I've had ultra sounds on my kidneys, my stomach and liver. And over the 3 years four full blood checks - all came back normal. Blood was normal white and red blood cells.

I have also in general lost weight although not alot. I have never been for an Hiv test or any sexually transmitted disease test. What concerns me is mentally I havent felt the same. I cant seem to concentrate and my eye sight also feels like its getting worse. If I get going and not worry about it I seem to do ok but the moment I get tired or feel depressed it seems even worse.
The only way to describe it is the mental state ranges from what feels like normal to states (I can still function normally though) where I feel what I can describe as disassociation. I feel removed from my own thoughts and feelings.
I almost have to mentally remind myself of normal mental/emotional processes to get back to normal. But I constantly feel like this. It just ranges in degree of severity.

Do you think this is HIV? The only other factor is that I smoke up to 20 cigarettes a day and there is a marked difference when I dont smoke and when I do to the feeling described above. ie it gets better when I dont smoke. When I exercise I get sore joints. The other worrying this is I havent been sick at all over 3 years. Not a single cold or flu. I can stand in the rain and draughts which would normally (pre-3 years) have given me a cold but now its like nothing. I wait to fall ill - but it doesnt happen. Have never had diahorrea since. Dont get night sweats but sometimes I wake up suddenly.
Does this sound like HIV?

Yours - Entiva

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