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weird symptoms over the years

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 17, 2007
  • 06:39 AM

I have had some weird symptoms over the years and every once in awhile I scare myself silly thinking about them. Tonight is one of those nights and the more I read the more I freak myself out because I'm married and have a son, that's four years old. My wife found out last year that she has been exposed to the hpv virus though a routine pap smear. She's ok in the sense there have been no abnormal cells in her cervix(?). I feel healthy as well and always have; I don't get sick with colds or the flu or have an unexplained loss of energy, night sweats, fever or anything of that sort. What I do have from time to time is the following.

Little blisters/ulcers on the edge of my eyelids. My eyes will itch and I'll notice one (rare occasion, two) them there. I can rub them away or use a needle to scrape them off and they're gone, with the ulcer(?) healed by the next day. This happens about five/six times a year.

Unexplained scratches on my face that are about an inch or so long. Almost like a cat got me. They're very light and just barely noticeable. These, maybe once a year. Tbh, I couldn't tell you the last time I had one but they always freaked me out. They heal quickly.

Three or four times over ten years, a sore on my penis. Painful and takes a couple weeks to heal comepletely but it's always in the same spot it seems. I guessed this was herpes though I've never been tested.

Swollen glands (I'm guessing) a few times over ten years. In my groin, on the inside of where my legs meet my waist. Once or twice maybe under my jaw. Painful and tender/swollen spots that went away within the week.

I have had one night stands in the past while married. When my wife and I found out she was pregnant I was scared as could be with all sorts of thoughts going through my head, because by then I had the Internet and could read a plethora of reasons why any of these things going on with my body. Tests were done on my wife, the normal ones that pregnant women will have. Nothing out of the ordinary there and our son is fine. I have had kidney stones, will probably get them again, but each time they run blood tests nothing out of the ordinary comes up. My wife has had blood tests done as well, for different reasons. Nothing abnormal there either.

Each time something weird happened (symptoms) I always thought of a reason that it could be something else other than an std. My occupation exposes me to chemicals/dust that could irritate my eyes and the scratches were so infrequent that I never gave them thought. Same with the swollen glands, thinking that maybe it was a cold or something. My wife has never had any signs of std's, other than the pap from last year and our son has always had good checkups and nothing out of the ordinary. What scares me now is that when I went to wipe my kids face while eating lunch, I noticed a pimple-like bump on the edge of his eyelid. Sorta like the ones I've gotten from time to time but his was white and looked pus filled, like a zit. The things that I've gotten on the edges of my eyelids are very much smaller and not pus filled at all..just a clear liquid. So now here I am, freaking out that its the same thing and that it's something I passed on to his mother and was never detected though routine exams. I'm calling my doctor tomorrow and asking for a std screen when I get there. There's always a wait of about a week or so for an appointment and I don't want to wonder that long, nor do I want to panic and start crying that I think it's an std so I can get in faster.

Two things which I was almost certain that I had/have..herpes and hpv. The herpes because it always seemed to fit the symptom and hpv, now, because since my wife was told she was exposed to it, I remember the girl I was with before her describing 'worry bumps' on the palms of her hands. Which now, I suspect was warts. My wife and I have been together for ten years now and we're both feeling fine. I'd all but forgotten the chance of other stds up until I saw that pimple like thing on my kids edge of his eyelid. I'm freaked out again. Does any of this make sense or sound like 'something'?


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