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WARNING use of girly part names and such, really could use some hlp though

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  • Posted By: rain380
  • December 14, 2009
  • 09:58 AM

I'm not really sure where tis goes but tis seemed the best place, so if I'm in the wrong place please feel free to tell mei'd d better to move it to ______ board. anywaz I'll be as brief as possible but I've got some real plumbing problems.

I also have no insurance and not alot of cash.
I have fibromyalgia, a ton of allergies and genital herpes
I am 26 yrsold married(1 yr) and monogomous(2yrs)
I have implannon birth cntrol implant in my arm since july 08

OK so a couple mths back I was diagnosed by hemorratic ovarian cysts. Basically I had signs for many, many mths before this but didn't know because my family is cursed with weird lady parts problems ( lower back pain, pain during sex bleeding a little afterwards stuff likethat), one burst in my sleep, I thought I had wet the bed wich seemed a little weird but just figured the couple of glasses of wine I had drank the night before maybe made me sleep to hard. Well in the 30 sec it took me to rip thesheets off the bed and strip and put my clothes in the washer ( I live in a trailor, doesn't take long to get from point A to B), I felt like I had to pee so bad I couldn't hold it, but it was urine, it was blood and clear fluid and it was coming from my vagina. I was in no discomfort but my H made me see the GYN, she found 3 cysts one on each overy and one in my uterous tha was big enough she literrally checked my neg peganancy test 4 times. Planned parenthood did not have the facilities to sonogram the cysts and make sure they were benign. I ended up at the ER because most places wanted $300 to walk in the door and alot would make me pay that and then reschedule me for an ultrasound if their dr saw fit, so then I'd have to pay for another apointment and the utlrasound. The ER found nothing in my uterous ( internal and external sonogram) but fluid from the bust cyst and 1 on each overy, one small ( pea sized he said) and 1 large 3/4 the size of my fist ( I balled up my fist when he gave me centemeters and asked and he said I was correct as to the size).
Everything I have read says I shouldn't be haveing these in the first place I have been on multiple forms of BC since I was 18, and implannon is progesterone only and they often use progesterone to help shrink cysts from what I have read. I haven't had the money for followup care, I'm saveing, january I should have enough ( no the health dept and the clinics here suck, they basically told me to get knocked up and call them back).

The back pain is increasing so I'm assumin that the cysts are growing not going away as I have read they useually do, I think that one has started to push on my bladder as recently I have had an increasced need to urinate, but no symptoms of infecton, I'm just going more and occasionally there is not much to get rid of. The other pushing on my back the pain is so bad I can barely get around alot of days.

Last week I woke up haveing nasty pains in my pubic area I called my mom who is a non practicing RN and she told me that it sounded like I was ovulating, makes sense my temp had been raised , heavier white discharge all that, but I shouldn't even be ovulating with the BC so I am thinking the cysts are really screwing with my hormones and wondering if they are really just hemorratic.

The pain eased off day by day, we used the sponge with spermicide for backup just in case, it ended up staying put all night as I just couldn't get the darned thing out and had to hve hubby do it the next day. I had mild lower tummy ach that night.

and have since had aches on both side of my pubic area with the middle pain free. I kept thinking I am haveing an outbreak a sore or blister would pop up, but they didn't hurt at worst they were itchy, then they go away within 24 hrs without any help andI always have to take themeds and I always have alot of pain with herpes.

we had sex a few days ago and afterward I had SEVERE cramping, like I could oplace my hand on my stomach and feel it moving. I took a roxicodone from an old RX and a flexeril and I could still feel it but it was much lessoned.

The weird fake outbreak thing is still going on, they are even popping up in the exact right spots, but just a bit ago I went to pee and noticed a little burning and I couldn't tell if it was internal or external it was so mild, so I get a mirror and take a look and I have runny ( I mean runny as water) white discharge, as well as another painless blister.

What the heck is going on? any ideas welcome, thanks.

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